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25 Oct, 2021
Today Leo who collect or sell off eBay or via social media or direct selling can have great success and can pick up new clients.  This is a good money day where those who are self-employed can do very well, especially if they use their personality to sell or if their products are personalised.
Leo are lucky in negotiations.
You can get emotionally involved in your work and are more aware of how your actions affect others in good and negative ways.
You are diligent about both eating and personal hygiene routines i.e. dental and facial care and cleansing.  You may begin to eradicate products with nasty petro chemicals and start to experiment with natural cosmetics.
Your 9th house ruler activating your 7th house ruler, means that you may be inclined to over analyse emotions and look for meanings that are not there.  Do not be so sensitive.
Travel to meet a romantic partner is favored.