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25 Oct, 2021
You need to be more tolerant of different views and accept that people can want the same thing but have very different ways in which they think one should go about achieving it.  Don’t let a difference of opinion ruin a friendship that is otherwise good.
The connection between your 12th and 2nd house means luck where you follow a hunch about money.
Do what liberates you and avoid commitment and making promises.
Moderation is the key – do not let a health fad or diet target overtake your life. A diet may be making you quite irritable – it is worth it in terms of results.
Your relationship with a very good friend may become so intense that you confuse it will love; it may well be love, but it is not a sexual love, it is just a deep connection.
Pisces are fortunate when you travel on a whimsical basis, looking for adventure and being a free spirit.