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25 Oct, 2021
Virgo may be looking at ways to finance renovations for your own home or you could be thinking or redoing a run-down home to make a profit.
Your 6th house ruler activated by Uranus suggests luck in using or learning to use precision tools.
A great time to enlist a friend to either support you or join you on a new quest or in pursuing a goal.
There are quite a few demands on your right now and while you are happy to oblige as you enjoy playing ‘mother’ and looking after those you love, your health may be last on the list.
While Virgo are feeling very sexual, you are also very realistic and are wanting to work on your sex life to reach exciting but achievable new targets in a pragmatic way.  You know the earth cannot move every time, but you want to improve the chances of it moving a few times a month.
Travel should be arranged in detail to ensure success, do not make trips if the objectives are broad or vague.