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Astro Ashwani Tyagi

Vedic, Prashana, KP, Palmistry, Medical Astrology, Prashna Kundali
English, Hindi
Pre Book Exp: 21+ years
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₹ 20.00  ₹ 12.00 / min
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  Ashwani is an experienced astrologer who can guide you on Vedic astrology, Prashana, KP, Palmistry, Medical Astrology, Prashna Kundali. To know your palm and your fate, simply send your palm image to him, and he will provide you fully analyzed report. He is an expert in Medical Astrology and can give you useful health tips to live a better life. If you are interested to know the better choice in love life or in your career, you can consult to him.

4.9Out of 5



by Aadil Ahmed on 24-Jan-2022

Thank U Sir


by Avinash Jain on 21-Jan-2022



by Rampal Singh on 20-Jan-2022

Thank You Sir


by Lekha Premkumar on 20-Jan-2022

Suggested Upai.. Will Wait For The Result


by Lekha Premkumar on 20-Jan-2022

Was Very Patient

Very Refreshing

by SHASHANK Sinha on 19-Jan-2022

Highly Recommended


by Sandeep Patidar on 14-Jan-2022



by Prachi Pal on 09-Jan-2022

Nice Predictions


by Ashish Kadiyan on 06-Jan-2022

Very Nice 👍

Very Good

by Anjali Barik on 02-Jan-2022

One The Very Sweet And Calm Person 😊thank You Sir For your Valuable Time And Guidance

Reading Review

by reyaan Singh on 30-Dec-2021

Nice Analysis


by palash zodape on 29-Dec-2021

best astrologer

Amazing experience

by Shivam Singh Rajput on 29-Dec-2021

Highly recommended


by Kalpayan Das on 27-Dec-2021

Highly Recommended.

Regarding my carrer

by Suraj Gunwal on 27-Dec-2021

Mind blowing


by g c on 27-Dec-2021


Very Good

by Jaya Pramanick on 25-Dec-2021

Very Good Astrologers Thankyou

Great Astorlogy

by Sharanjit Singh on 24-Dec-2021

I Respect Tyagi Jii

Good Experience

by Jasmine Bhatia on 23-Dec-2021

Very Accurate


by Varsha Vishwakarma on 17-Dec-2021

Good 1


by Pritam Das on 16-Dec-2021

Absolutely Correct Prediction

Career And Marriage

by HITESH GOSWAMI on 13-Dec-2021

Excellent Prediction


by RAVI PRABHAT on 12-Dec-2021



by Kanhaiya Lal Silawat on 06-Dec-2021

Great Experience

Good Predictions

by Rajat Sharma on 05-Dec-2021

Satisfied With The Answers I Got


by lakshmi tanuboddi on 24-Nov-2021

Thank You For Your Inputs sir

Very Nic

by Akanksha Joharwal on 23-Nov-2021

Very Good


by Anchal Rani on 16-Nov-2021

Nice Session


by Mitesh Patel on 15-Nov-2021

Nice To Talk With Him, Very Positive Vibes

Great Explanation

by Dheeraj Sharma on 11-Nov-2021

Excellent Prediction

Thank You For your Guidance

by Amanpreet Singh Setia on 10-Nov-2021

Nice To Talk With You Thank You So Mouch


by Shilpa Choudhary on 09-Nov-2021



by Snigdha Bhowmik on 06-Nov-2021

Thanks Sir


by Bharathraj Dumpala on 04-Nov-2021

Thank You Sir🙏

Frequent response Sir

by Raveena Singh on 31-Oct-2021

Thanku Sir

Thanku So Much

by Ashish Khanna on 30-Oct-2021

Thanku Pandit Ji 🙏🏼 Aatma Namaskar Savikar Kara Aashish Khanna Amritsar 👍

Parnam Vuru G

by magotra raghusharma on 30-Oct-2021

Guru G Pls Muja Call Kr Lo Uss Din Time Khatam Ho Gya Mera Pass Nahi Hai Jissa Aur Recharge Kra Sku Woh Bhi Apsa Baat Tab Possible Hui Ki 1 Rupee Ka Recharge Krna Se 50 Rupee Milla Pls


by Apu R on 29-Oct-2021

Quick And Detailed


by Rachita Satpathy on 28-Oct-2021

Excellent Acharya Ji

Awesome Guidance

by Priyanka Kalra on 26-Oct-2021

Sir I felt Great Confidence After Speaking With You. Thank You

Best and countable

by Rima Dessai on 23-Oct-2021

Sir is Very Knowledgeable And helpful and has guided me very well.I have developed a lot of positivity after communicating with sir.


by RAJIB GUHA on 22-Oct-2021


Very Nice

by Sipra Parida on 20-Oct-2021


Very Good Support

by 91****4513 on 17-Oct-2021

Very Good Knowledge. Must Recommend


by 91****6472 on 15-Oct-2021

Very Good Prediction

Not Good

by 91****6700 on 15-Oct-2021


Very Good Astrolgrr

by 91****7507 on 15-Oct-2021

Last Qstion Ka Ans Bhi Dedete


by 91****8536 on 12-Oct-2021

Thanks Sir 🙏🙏🙏

Good Prediction

by 91****8339 on 10-Oct-2021


Thanks for ur precious time

by Aradhana Kashyap on 02-Oct-2021

Kya Aap Bta Skte H Kab Tak Mujhe Wait Krna Hoga?

good help in very low price

by Soha on 26-Jul-2021

very good advise sir. Thank you

value for money

by Anonymous on 01-Aug-2021

He was excellent

Palm reading

by Anonymous on 10-Aug-2021

Ashwani is a good Palm reader. I simply sent image of my palm. Thanks

Very helpful

by Anonymous on 10-Aug-2021

He was super helpful and tried to explain me as much as possible in short time. Thank you Pandit ji


by Anonymous on 06-May-2021

I found Ashwani Ji expert in Nakshatras and their role in our lives. He was very patience while listening my questions

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