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8th House Lord in 4th House

  • November 02, 2022 | Manav Mathur | 3 mins read

There are twelve houses in a person’s birth chart. It is unique for everyone with very diverse aspects. It is just a beautiful aspect of Vedic astrology that makes it more intricate and more accurate in every way possible.

It is what makes the verdict stand out in a diverse spectrum of prognostications for the future. The twelve houses are ruled by various planets. These planets have a very deep impact on a person’s chart.

The interesting part about it is that the plants can transit from one house to another. This makes it even more crucial to have a clear understanding of a person’s Sasha and which planet is affecting who. 

The effects of 8th house lord in 4th house

Thus the planet that is the lord of the 8th house can very much affect the 4th house. These effects vary from malevolent to benevolent, depending on the individual’s nature and chart. Let us dive in and see what is so diverse about a person who has their 8th house lord in 4th house.

Basically, the combination can bring a lot of luck and prosperity to an individual. Maternity, luxury, states of happiness, all of it,  can be begotten by this particular standing. Strictly speaking, the 8th house is a beyond-the-malefic house with a lot of problems of its own. It is known to have dusthana Bhava which brings malicious problems to an individual’s life but in this case, the 4th house is a very good place for it. It can be said that it brings success to one’s house, a touch of spirituality will uplift the person’s mind along with a gain in occult knowledge.

There are several instances of how it can be more beneficial than malefic. A person will be able to befriend their fears, darkness and as such any other negative emotions to forge a. Stronger foundation with themselves. It will bring immense luck, righteousness and a sense of freedom to a person.

It is because of the 9th form of the house. On the other hand, there are a lot of malefic 8th houses that come along with the benefits. They will face a kind of upheaval in their lives, possibly unexpected ones. This will shake them up to their core but they have to get back on their feet right away. The ones with this combination might face a fire life without motherly care whatsoever.

They will not have the love, care and happiness of their mother or any kind of motherly figure in their lives, leading to a lonely life with a lot of trauma. This happens due to the diffused and destructive energy of the 8th house which in turn makes a deep upheaval in the 4th house. Even the relationship with one’s mother will be extremely incompatible which in turn will make it impossible to have a wholesome family. 

On the other hand people with this combination tend to become selfish and self-centred. They wish to do nothing but gain whatever they wish for. Though they gain unseen wisdom and endless insight into the occult, they are influenced by the deep psychological crevices to get what is not theirs. They wish to have it all, without doing much of it.

They are capable of destroying their friendship or cheating on their best friends. They are stable, to say the least. A person will be gifted with mental grit and strength which can make them preserve only themselves while destroying everyone on their way. There will be no happiness in their domestic lives.

Constant falling-outs with deeper effects on their relationships will manifest. Unseen, unpredictable and deeply disturbing things will keep on happening. Even mental peace will be scarce for a person with this particular combination. They will leave a constant life of callous immobility which will devour them from within.

Conclusion - 8th house lord in 4th house

All in all this combination has both good and bad in it. There is no saying what will happen and how it will happen but the above-mentioned points should be taken into consideration while consulting an astrologer.