Scorpio We-Astro 2022 Prediction

  • Posted on January 07, 2022 by We-Astro

For this year, We-Astro predicts that the scorpions might feel relative ease sliding in their routine. Fuel your mind with some essential healthy habits such as book reading, meditation, and all those habits which lead towards a healthy and peaceful mind.


Your yearly Horoscope 2022 indicates that you might witness some favourable outcomes on the romantic front. During the initial months of the year, you need to be cautious. You need to give desired support and encouragement. Try keeping useless arguments at bay. Doing this will help maintain a healthy relationship. Those who are in a long-distance relationship can expect a surprise arrival of their better half this year. So, get started to prepare something extremely romantic for them.

There is a high probability that singles might get lucky as well as you might get a positive response from the person you feel for. So, if you have been holding yourself from proposing the love of your life, this is the year for you.

Married couples who are expecting to extend their family will have a higher conceiving rate this year.

The Scorpions seem to have a quite favourable love life overall this year.


This year will be giving mixed results in your financial aspects. Those starting new ventures or businesses will get favourable outcomes. However, to avoid any economic crisis try curbing all the useless costs. 

Channelizing your resources in the stock market would be better rather than investing in real estate. Investing your money in the stock market is likely to give you more returns shortly this year. Also, you should avoid investing by borrowing from banks or other financial institutions. You need to balance your income and expenses. Avoid getting into any speculative deals this year as you might suffer huge capital losses due to it.

Overall, this year you would be getting favourable returns through various platforms of investments. Try learning from past experiences and rectifying your mistakes.


In terms of career, this year might not be favourable for the Scorpions. It is advised to do proper research and study before thinking about switching your career. There are chances for you to collaborate with new ventures and start-ups.

As per your planetary position at the beginning of July, you might experience a fruitful time. You need to keep yourself ready to get adapted to the dynamic changes. In your Horoscope 2022, long-awaited promotions and appraisals are coming your way. You will be able to get to the heights of success by keeping up your good work and hard work.


This year, scorpions who have been preparing hard for several competitive exams may get success in the year 2022. You are required to maintain a balance between social life and studies between July- November. If you are looking forward to studying abroad you may be successful in going overseas.


This year, Scorpions might get caught under the weather. Therefore, it is suggested to take proper diet and supplements. You need to take extra care if you witness any sort of symptoms regarding your health and consult a doctor immediately. Pregnant women need to take extensive care while travelling. Also maintaining a healthy lifestyle to be healthy and disease-free is required.


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