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Everything that you need to know about Chaitra Navratri 2022

  • April 05, 2022 | We-Astro | 7 mins read

Chaitra Navratri 2022

For ages, we have witnessed that various cultures celebrate their own festivals and the start of the new year marks the beginning of a fresh start for all. For Hindus, the month of Chaitra is the first month of the Hindu New Year. The start of this month with the worship of Goddess Durga and this particular time period is named Chaitra Navratri. In a year there are a total of four Navratris which are celebrated and out of these, Chaitra and Shardiya Navratri are the most significant ones. This year, Chaitra Navratri has begun on the 2nd of April. We are in the middle of this auspicious celebration already!

The devotees worship Goddess Durga and this goes on for a total of nine days, hence the name Navratri. On each day a new incarnation of Goddess Durga. The first day begins with Shailaputri Mata and then it passes on to Brahmacharini Mata, Chandraghanta Mata, Kushmanda Mata, Skand Mata, and Katyayani Mata, Kalratri Mata, Mahagauri Mata, and Siddhidatri Mata respectively, on each day. 

The devotees follow many rituals and they devote their prayers, dedication and love to Goddess Durga and keep fast so they can be endowed with blessings and fortune. It is about the sentiment and the love that they have in their heart and that is what matters at the end of the day. This is a special year as the planetary positions are aligned in such a way that each zodiac sign will be pretty much affected, some in a positive way while the rest in a negative way! We will analyze and cover that too in this blog. Make sure to keep reading!

Chaitra Navratri 2022: Schedule

Each Navratri begins with Ghatasthapana and for Chaitra Navratri, the muhurta ( good time) will begin on April 2, from 6.15 AM to 8.15 AM in the morning. This will mark the beginning of the auspicious nine days of celebration and worshipping of Goddess Durga. Let’s see the schedule for Chaitra Navratri:

Day 1

Date: 02.04.2022

Name of the Goddess to be worshipped: Shailputri Mata

Puja: Ghatasthapana 

Day 2

Date: 03.04.2022

Name of the Goddess to be worshipped: Bhramacharini Mata

Puja: Bhramacharini Puja

Day 3

Date: 04.04.2022

Name of the Goddess to be worshipped: Chandraghanta Mata

Puja: Chandraghanta Puja

Day 4

Date: 05.04.2022

Name of the Goddess to be worshipped: Kushmanda Mata

Puja: Kushmanda Puja

Day 5

Date: 06.04.2022

Name of the Goddess to be worshipped: Skandamata

Puja: Skandamata Puja

Day 6

Date: 07.04.2022

Name of the Goddess to be worshipped: Katyayani Mata

Puja: Katyayani Puja

Day 7

Date: 08.04.2022

Name of the Goddess to be worshipped: Kalratri Mata

Puja: Kalratri Puja

Day 8

Date: 09.04.2022

Name of the Goddess to be worshipped: Mahagauri Mata

Puja: Mahagauri Puja

Day 9

Date: 10.04.2022

Name of the Goddess to be worshipped: Siddhidatri Mata

Puja: Siddhidatri Puja

The Kalash Sthapana is very important as along with that the devotees light up a diya which must be lit throughout the duration of Navratri, i.e. for nine days and nights. 

Chaitra Navratri: Vidhis to abide by

For Navratri Puja, there are some vidhis that the devotees must follow to do the Puja. Let’s dive right into those:

  1. First and foremost, the devotees must take a shower and wear clean clothes
  2. The placement of Kalash on the Chowki must be done. It happens on the first day itself and is named Kalash Sthapana.
  3. The prayers to the deity of Goddess Durga then begin with putting the Chandan Tilak on the idol, offering flowers and sweets to the deity. More than that, it is important that you keep a clear mind and heart while worshipping.
  4. Then begins the enchanting tales of Goddess Durga which everyone loves! It basically includes the story behind each incarnation and it is followed by the Durga Saptashati and the reading of Durga Chalisa, and finally, it ends with the singing of Durga Aarthi. 

Why is Chaitra Navratri celebrated?

Chaitra Navratri is celebrated to mark a new beginning. It is a new start and it is considered holy to step into the new year with a fresh mind and reverence. Goddess Durga is among the most important Gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology and people all over the country pray to her for fortune, prosperity and good health. Chaitra Navratri is also known as the Vasanti Navratri. It is not only about the vidhis and rituals. It is about the positive aura, the devotion that people have in their hearts and the excitement that they can’t contain! It all comes from a very pure place and it is very heart-warming to see everyone cherishing this time so much.

Chaitra Navratri and Zodiac Signs that will benefit

This Chaitra Navratri the planetary positions will be such that some Zodiac signs will severely benefit from it, while some might face losses. The first event that is likely to occur is that planet Saturn will connect with planet Mars in the Capricorn zodiac sign which will be quite beneficial to a lot of zodiac signs in general. Jupiter will also connect to Venus in the Aquarius zodiac sign and the Sun will be in Pisces with Mercury and the moon will be in Aries zodiac sign. As far as Rahu and Ketu are concerned, they will be in Taurus and Scorpio zodiac signs respectively. While these positions might be very beneficial to some zodiac signs, the rest is likely to go through a rough patch temporarily.

Some Yogas are likely to be formed during this Navratri, especially the Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga which holds a strong connection with Goddess Lakshmi and will turn out to be financially fruitful to many zodiac signs.

Zodiac signs that will prosper:

  1. Aries

First on the list is Aries. If you are an Aries then you are likely to succeed in your work life and attain great heights of achievements and you will be led closer to your goals. Your aspirations are supposed to come true if you work hard for them. You will have amazing financial prosperity during Navratri and if you have travel plans during this time, they will turn out to be amazing as well!

  1. Taurus

If you belong to the Taurus sign, then be ready to feel the happiest! This is an amazing time for you and success will follow you in all the spheres of life. Your finances will grow and new doors will open which were closed till now. You are likely to develop a friendly relationship with your office colleagues and peers which will work in your favour in the future as well. 

  1. Cancer

Cancers are going to be the luckiest ones! Their finances will grow a lot and they will benefit a lot from this situation. They are likely to enhance their skills and confidence and achieve all that they worked so hard for. They will also have a victory in their domain of work and this will only make them happier. If they are wise enough to save up and make plans accordingly, Cancers are bound to have an amazing future. 

  1. Leo

Leos are predicted to grow their finances a bit which will help them a lot in future. Till now the time was not that good for them but now all of their pending works will be completed and they will attain what they were waiting for. This time is also going to benefit them from a health perspective and they are likely to travel and earn! There are high chances of promotion or a salary raise for Leos during Navratri.

  1. Virgo

Virgos will get better at their jobs and they are likely to grow their finances. This will be a lucky time for them to find their potential partners. So, be it the financial domain or the love life, Virgos have the possibility to rock it all!

  1. Libra

If you are a Libra, then you are extremely lucky, as this Navratri, you will be very happy and satisfied. You will attain the heights of success and earn a lot. You shall gain stability in all the domains of life and this is the beginning of a new journey for all the Libras. 

Chaitra Navratri: Things to do and things to avoid.  


  • Keep an open heart and mind. Always remember, it is not about the display. It is about what you contain in your heart.
  • Clean your house regularly and maintain hygiene. The place where you have kept the deity must be neat and clean.
  • Proper Puja and Aarti of Goddess Durga must be done.
  • Burning wooden logs or barks in ghee is contained to be holy and fruitful for the household.
  • You can chant Durga Mantras, which not only is good for the Puja but also calms your mind and body.
  • Offering Goddess Durga with red cloth is much needed as it is considered to be auspicious and important.


  • Shaving by the male members of the family or cutting down the hair is an absolute no-no during Navratri.
  • Cutting nails should be absolutely avoided!
  • Devotees must not consume non-veg food items during Navratri.
  • Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited too.
  • Using bad words upsets the Gods and Goddesses so that must be avoided.
  • Banishing the use of leather materials during Navratri. 

So this was everything that you needed to know about Chaitra Navratri. Hope this article was of help to you.