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Compatibility between Gemini and  Aquarius

  • September 22, 2021 | We-Astro | 4 mins read

How is compatibility between Gemini and  Aquarius

Aquarius and Gemini have many plus points when they come together along with a few negative ones. They can be pretty compatible if needs be. Let us find out about their compatibility-

What are their sexual compatibility and intimacy?

These two are just made for each other on the bed. They don’t even need to get naked to feel the intercourse. They are that entwined in each other minds and souls. They want to do it everywhere and every time. There is something called intellectual oneness. They have it. Their minds are so well-aligned that they just find their way through their hearts and bodies. They can talk for hours after sex and their sex is mind-blowing, to say the least. Gemini can get a bit defensive about their weird fetishes but Aquarius will set them free from their binds. A feeling of emancipation will engulf them after their time together. An emancipated relationship of sorts that goes beyond all binds and is yet stronger than those with restraints.

They mix their emotions with physical intimacy making them even stronger as a couple. They release themselves into each other’s arms. That indeed is what compatibility looks like. They might be one of the best sexually compatible matches of the zodiacs. They set each other free in their bed. 

What about their trust?

If we come to the point of trust, they trust each other with strength and power. On one hand, Aquarius doesn’t get the idea of lying and Gemini is too free-spirited to lie to a person. Thus they are perfect. Aquarius also understands the meaning of privacy as their Neptune is exalted and they understand that their partner needs space. This leads to a healthy and strong relationship with a lot of trust in hand. This is just the best kind of trust they have. They will make fools out of people around them together but never lie to each other. They will trust each other with their lives. They have that confidence in their partner. They will do what it takes to keep that trust alive.

What about their communication and intellect?

They have good communication and intellect. They understand each other. While Both have their intellectual side to themselves, a mind of their own. They have soulful debates on various things. They are strong enough to get through mysteries working together. It might be a tad bit difficult for Geminis because of the Aquarian know-it attitude but they can sort it out if they want to. They are pretty good in that department. They are two of the air signs, making them extremely wise and good to each other. They know the answer to every question. They can also have dreams bigger than attaining stars but they are lazy to work for them.

What about their emotions?

They are both free spirits. You cannot hold them down. They understand each other all too well. The emotions they feel are genuine and they are quite mature in many aspects. The thing that makes them mature also makes their relationship a tad bit unstable. They want total freedom, both of them. They make work it out the minor inconveniences they face daily but they will and they will surely have a part of their emotions cut off bit by bit until there’s nothing left. So be careful about that. The air within them, their core elements will make them fly high together with no restrictions.

What about their values?

Their values match a lot. They both value wit and intellect. They love it when they find someone who values intellect over superficial things and these two are just like that. Gemini understands complex situations and is ready to fight for their partner while Aquarius love to set their partner free from restraints. Their love is wholesome.  They have great values considering their wit and intellect. They are incredible together for it as well. Their values are well-aligned, to say the least. They will get away from things no matter how hard the path may get. 

What about their shared activities?

Aquarians are the only ones who are capable of surprising the Geminis. They love surprises. For them, it is hotter than anything. Aquarius people are really weird and Geminis just love some weirdos. Thus, they will share activities and they will love it. They can do anything without failure when they are together. They will get through impediments together. They will feel things together solve things together and will spend a lot of time understanding one another.


They are a surprisingly well-adjusted couple who will fight together and look for an answer together. They will be a great couple who will understand each other and who will do anything for each other. Thus, they are compatible with each other and can move forward without much conflict. They will find harmony and balance in their daily lives. It will be a match made in heaven with rare fights. They are what you call the PDA couple with practically no problems. Of course, it is a primary estimation and you will have to consult for a deeper understanding of the dynamic of your relationship. In general, they will be heart-warming couples who will love and live together and set each other free as they grow together.