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Compatibility between Gemini and Pisces

  • October 24, 2021 | We-Astro | 5 mins read

What is the Compatibility between Gemini and Pisces?

A Pisces and a Gemini are two totally different signs, in all the possible ways. The chances of them being a good pair are almost negligible. There are many things to be understood, and a lot to unveil when one tries to analyse their relationship. We tried to incorporate all those in this article. Make sure to give it a read till the end to understand everything that you need to know. 

How sexually compatible are Gemini and Pisces?

On one hand, where Pisces are quite crafty about sex, seeking intimacy and creativity in bed, Gemini seeks a lot of don’t pay a lot of attention to the detail. Yes, it is very true that a Gemini has a huge potential for creativity and they have the capability to stand out, but they don’t look for the intimacy that a Pisces does in bed. A Gemini and Pisces are likely to be attracted to each other because of their ruling planets being aligned to each other.

All things said and done, the barrier comes in their difference of opinions. To Pisces, sex is not the only thing they are concerned about, but who they are being intimate with is their lookout. They highly believe in love and commitment before taking it to the bedroom, while a Gemini is not much into the commitment thing. They don't look for their one true love to have sex with. That is where the clash happens and things take a turn in the wrong way. If they want to make it work, both the parties concerned will have to compromise a bit on their part. A Pisces will have to understand that having sex isn’t a parameter to find their soulmate and the Gemini person has to be more grounded towards their emotional side and be nurturing while dealing with a Pisces. 

What about their trust?

Trust is a very unstable ground between a Pisces and a Gemini. As mentioned before, both these signs are polar opposite to each other. A Pisces is always grounded in their emotional side and a Gemini always runs away from it. They will never be able to be completely honest with each other, nor will they ever trust each other. If any of them is lying, the other will detect it and it will create a further bridge between them. They just can’t open up to each other because they sense judgment from the other’s side. Both of them can see themselves for what they really are and that causes more harm than good. 

How good are they at communicating and what about intellect?

Honestly, this might be the only field where they somehow sync, but then also the percentage is pretty low. Pisces and Gemini can be good friends, because of their sense of humour. Geminis usually tend to be funny and Pisceans love it when someone cracks a joke. They might not understand all of it, but they sure do get entertained. Geminis on the other hand really enjoy it when a Pisces pokes them or pulls their leg. But, when it comes to a serious topic, they just can’t listen to each other because they don’t connect emotionally or mentally. It only leads to a series of awkward silence or even weirder small talks.

Things can take a serious turn if they get into a dispute when they start talking about serious things. They do take each other into consideration, but due to their lack of similarity things never turn out to be good. Their intellectual levels might not match and they might be on different pages at all points in time. Trying to prolong this bond, whose base is unstable, might create a further bridge between them. If they really want to make it work, they have to be really patient and understanding towards each other. 

What about their emotions? 

As known by us all, Pisces is one of the most emotional zodiac signs, seeking old-school romance and their one true love. Geminis on the other hand are extremely realistic and they believe in living in the practical world. They are not very empathetic and their emotions can never match. In fact, their emotions are entirely opposite to each other. The emotional balance between them is often missing and if they get into a relationship with such an unstable base, it will be bad, not only for them but for everyone around them. 

What about their values?

This might seem unlikely, but a Gemini does value love and attention. They value relationships but not to the level that a Pisces does. A Piscean always believes in finding their soulmate, their one true love. Geminis are hearted and they just look for someone to connect with in general. 

In general, both these signs value intellectuality and honesty. Both of them are very creative as well, just in a varied manner. They might bond on that as well. 

What about their shared activities?

Though they are different from each other, they have the ability to find something common that both of them would be interested in. But the only difference would come when a Gemini actually gets involved in the activity and a Pisces retains themselves to only dream about it and not do it in reality. A Gemini could instil this learning in a Pisces of how to gather up the courage and take a step. 


Pisces and Geminis might be similar in many ways and they would make great buddies. They are both forgetful and they like to keep to themselves. They have terrible mood swings but all of these don't make them a good pair. They have completely different aspirations when it comes to a relationship and their thought processes never match up to each other. The sensitive Pisces can easily get hurt by the blunt words of the Gemini and the Gemini would find it super annoying to deal with their Pisces partner’s emotions. 

If they really want to make it work, both of them would have to be excellent listeners and they should value and respect each other’s opinions, even when they think differently. Both of them have creative potential so they need to implement that in their relationship and things could be better for a change. They should communicate a lot and that will be the key to their relationship. 

Overall, they are definitely not a match made in heaven and the chances of them lasting together is very less, but if they work for it they might last longer than expected.