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Compatibility between Gemini and Scorpio

  • March 10, 2022 | We-Astro | 4 mins read

How is the Compatibility between Gemini and Scorpio 

One is an air sign, the other is an earth sign. There are many things to be considered in this particular match. Let us see all of them-

How Is Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility Between Gemini and Scorpio?

Well, let us consider their element first. Gemini is like the highest point and Scorpio is like really grounded. Thus it can be difficult for both of them to have good sex with each other. In other words, their sexual compatibility is almost next to zero. Scorpios are extremely passionate about their sexual urges and passion for their partner but when it comes to Gemini, they couldn’t care less about how their partner thinks or what. They are just there for their sexual fulfilment. Scorpios love to bind their partners with them for a long time. They are so very entangled with their partner, that they can verge on psychosis. This can be seen reflected during their sexual encounters as well. Geminis on the other hand are very easygoing and freedom-loving. There is no way these two can work it out well. Geminis are extremely superficial and are just sweet talk and nothing else. Scorpios are extremely emotional. They also feel the dark emotions much more than normal emotions. These two may fall in love with each other but there will always be a sort of inhibition within them. It will cause them to fall apart. Scorpio will not allow Gemini to leave and Gemini will gaslight Scorpio for each and everything to get their freedom back. In other words, not a healthy r situation.

How Is Trust Between Gemini and Scorpio?

Scorpios are extremely possessive, for their trust is everything. They are loyal to their bones but will always want to possess their partners. When I. Trust, Scorpios usually trust their partners but the moment the seeds of suspicions are laid, they will never stop suspecting their partner ever again. They will be always anxious about their partner’s activity and will always try to control them with any means necessary. They will do exactly that. On the other hand, Gemini will not exactly enjoy this weirdly obsessive behaviour of Scorpio. They will try to break free by acting out of like. Trusting them can be hard after all.  They will probably have a lot do fights because of their trust issues and it will be very apparent that things are not working out.

How Is Communication and Intellect Between Gemini and Scorpio?

They will legit not work out. They will have so many problems in talking it out. Let’s talk about them individually. For Gemini communication is the greatest power. They can talk out of any situation with ease and upper hand. They will I’ll always talk and will talk about various things. This leads to soulful conversations and nice nights. Scorpio on the other hand will listen to them until they find something that they feel is not good for their relationship. In their perspective what is not good might be their growth and they will pretend to listen to their advice with a good mind but will not pay heed to it and go about doing things their way. They will stunt the growth of Gemini by being extra possessive about their partner. They will want to be together with them all the time and might even get jealous very easily. This can go on for ages as they the dogs at each toner and try to have a proper conversation which they will never have. They will quarrel every time they try to have a proper conversation. They will have so many problems that it will be almost impossible to make out of it.

How Are the Emotions Between Gemini and Scorpio?

In one word, Scorpio will have a lot of emotions while Gemini will have none leading to a great problem in their relationship. They will give each other nothing but a bad headache and they will understand that they are doing just that. It will be next to impossible for them to sort things out with each other.  Their emotions are far from compatible, to begin with. Thus, in other words, it is not worth it. 

What Are the Values Between Gemini and Scorpio?

Geminis value fairness and intellect while Scorpio values their relationship overall. This can potentially lead to permanent damage. This is a problem as they will always be at odds with each other, trying to understand where the problem is. The greatest problem is their disposition, it must be extremely difficult for both of them to work it out without a problem. They are just not meant to have their values compatible and their love for each other is something extremely toxic. They will not respect each other’s boundaries and will always be at odds with each other.


How do Gemini and Scorpio Shared Activities?

To keep Gemini interested in them, Scorpio will do exactly what Gemini wants to do with no individuality whatsoever. This will again cause a rift between them as Geminis do not like to be copied. They value individuality. They will be quick to understand Scorpio’s doting obsession with the hem and the moment they get it, they will try to run away without a second thought. This will lead to conflict yet again.


All in all, these two are always at odds with each other. Only providence can make it work for them at this point.