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Compatibility between Gemini and Virgo

  • March 17, 2022 | We-Astro | 4 mins read

What is the Compatibility between Gemini and Virgo?

There are a lot of things to be considered when an air sign and an earth sign meet. Thus there are many y aspects of their relationship that has to be kept in mind. Let us find them all-

How Is Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility Between Gemini and Virgo?

Sexual compatibility is not exactly their greatest forte. Let us consider these two. One is an air sign and the other is an earth sign. Both are ruled by Mercury. They are not exactly sexual but we must keep in mind that Geminis are a masculine sign while Virgo is a feminine sign with soft and sensitive emotions. If these two meet and if they find a way to communicate through sex then it can work out. These two are extremely different. Thus sexual prospects might be hard for them. They cannot open up to each other completely. They are not exactly compatible with each other when it comes to sex. They can of course try their best. It is just not their thing to be compatible with each other sexually. They will have to work their level best to make it work. There is a very thin chance that these two will find it pleasurable. On one hand, Gemini is just in for pleaser while Virgo is in for attachments. You can say it is an impossible situation for both parties. Only if both of them decide to sacrifice certain things can they make it work. It will not be a very smooth ride at all.

How Is Trust Between Gemini and Virgo?

Again they are too different to trust each other. They will have absolutely nothing in the name of the trust. On one hand, Geminis are trick stars themselves with a distrusting nature. Virgo is extremely particular about their trust. They have extreme trust issues. You can say, they are not made for the trust part. They are over-controlling and overbearing at times which will put off the Geminis more than anything. Thus trust is something they have to work upon very diligently. They are not in any way trustfully compatible with each other. Trusting each other is extremely important in a relationship. Thus they might face a lot of problems.


How Is Communication and Intellect Between Gemini and Virgo?

Both of them are ruled by Mercury. Mercury is known to be the master communicator of the planets. Thus both of them have great communication qualities. They will talk a lot about each other and with each other. They will call out to each other if they feel something off. They will be perfectly talking at sure with each other. Geminis are natural smooth talkers. Thus they will talk a lot and Virgo will be vocal about what they like and what they dislike. Thus it can be said that they will have a lot of soulful conversations going on. Communication will be their greatest forte. They will be the perfect conversationalists for each other. They are just made to talk to each other. Thus they will have all the fun they can. They will also have intellectual pursuits together. Both have a lot of views on their minds. They need to convey them to each other to make it work. They will be extremely intellectually inclined towards each other. They are both witty and they will make sure to get their message across to each other. They are just out there spreading intellect and wit. What more is there not to like? Both of them are extremely good at things and they are compatible in the communication and intellectual aspects. 

How Are The Emotions Between Gemini and Virgo?

Both of them are overtly Seema s less emotional. That is a wrong perception. Both of them can have a lot of emotions pent up in them. They are just too closed off to express themselves. That is what their problem is. There can be no better expressions about what goes down. On one hand, Geminis are very fickle while Virgo is very grounded. This only leads to further problems for both of them. Their emotions are not the same as per. They might have a lot of things buried deep enough and it will remain that way for a long long time. 


What Are the Values Between Gemini and Virgo?

They both value intelligence. Thus you can say their values match a lot. They will have soulful conversations about what values are important and what are not and will stand up for justice. These two will have it all if they try but the problem is both do them are too stubborn for their good. They just can’t let go of little things and if they debate about something, both of them will just keep on debating with no end whatsoever.

How do Gemini and Virgo Shared Activities?

They both like to gather knowledge so they will go to the library for their shared activities but the problem arises with the outgoing nature of Gemini. They almost always want to go outside which just doesn’t make sense to Virgo. There can be conflict because of this kind of attitude. They are both acting very differently. Thus let us think that there are instances when they will get along and there are when they will not. 


All in all, they will have to work a lot to make it work.