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Couple Horoscope Analysis of Ajay Devgan and Kajol

  • March 23, 2022 | We-Astro | 4 mins read

What does the Horoscope Analysis of the iconic pair Ajay Devgan and Kajol suggest about their Marriage? 

Among all the other Bollywood couples that we love, Ajay Devgan and Kajol are definitely on the top of the list. Their iconic love story and their chemistry is something that we root for. They have been married for over two decades now and it all didn’t start that well! In fact, both of them didn’t even like each other in the first place. But gradually this turned into a beautiful love story which has set an amazing example for us!

But, did you ever wonder, what their couple horoscope would look like? Were they the perfect couple from the beginning or did they work on it to get better with time? How is their married life predicted to be? Don’t worry, all your queries will be answered here. Just make sure to read it till the end to know everything!

A little background into the couple

Kajol and Ajay met on the sets of the movie Hulchul and that is a milestone in their journey. Initially, they didn’t get along well and they just worked together and coordinated for the sake of the professional field they were in. As the shoot went ahead, they became really good friends. Still, they were very different from each other and they always had a clash of opinions even in the professional field. Nobody ever imagined them to be a couple but, to everyone’s surprise, they started dating!

Initially, everyone made comments that they won’t last for long or maybe it’s just one of the typical Bollywood flings or even a publicity stunt! But, they proved everyone wrong! They remained best friends for quite some time and then they gradually moved into their relationship. They dated for four long years after which they decided to get married. But Kajol’s father was not very happy with the decision and he didn’t give consent for this marriage. After a certain point of time, everything was settled and the couple tied knots and it was a royal wedding with two ceremonies, one with the Punjabi theme and the other with the Marwari theme! Now they are leading a happy married life and they have two children, one daughter named Nyssa and one son named Yug.

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The couple worked very hard to establish themselves and Kajol was one of the most sought after actresses during her time and Ajay Devgan too made his name with his stellar acting and versatile screen presence. They have grown together over the years and they have mentioned quite a few times that their friendship is the key element to their successful married life. 

Ajay Devgan’s Personality Traits


Ajay is extremely patient, free-spirited, dedicated and sensitive as a human being. He can do or die for family and it is his hard-working nature that will bring him a lot of success. He is like the wise tortoise who wins the race slowly but steadily. He takes his time in everything and always makes sure to give his best bit and that makes him one of the most dedicated and determined individuals in the tinsel town. 

Kajol’s Personality Traits


Kajol is one of the most iconic actresses of all time. She has engraved her name in golden letters on the pillars of Bollywood. She is extremely talented, witty and hardworking as well. She is a quick learner and it is due to this why she’s so successful today. She is very sensitive to her surroundings and she adheres to some morals and values in her life which determines her as an individual. 

Star Analysis of the couple

Kajol and Ajay’s birth stars are not very similar in nature. Her birth star is the epitome of optimism, discipline and morality hence she loves to preach and is like the wise owl in their relationship. Ajay on the other hand is the more romantic one. They balance each other in a great way. But the differences can create minor issues between them but they will always look past it and lead a happy life. All they need to do is be honest towards each other and communicate at all points in time. 


Kajol loves giving advice and Ajay always takes those into consideration. They have a beautiful bonding that is further bound by their friendship. They are best of friends and they always make sure to communicate with each other. They are very patient and that enhances their chance of living a very successful married life.

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Unison in their Personality Traits

Both Ajay and Kajol are very considerate, patient, mature and thoughtful. They make sure to give each other the space that they require. They make sure to take care of each other and support each other on gloomy days. 

Their opposite nature leads to a difference of opinion in some important matters but that doesn’t change the fact that they love each other and they always stick together as a team. They have some similar traits and they are very open-minded which totally makes their relationship better. 

Due to their wise nature, it is unlikely for them to make wrong financial decisions so they will save a lot of trouble in that field. They will raise a great family and their children will make them proud in future. 

So this was the horoscope analysis of one of the most iconic pairs in Bollywood, Ajay Devgan and Kajol. We totally love them together and we always pray for them to be happy throughout!


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