Horoscope Analysis of the Power Couple: Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

  • Posted on March 11, 2022 by We-Astro

Horoscope Analysis of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

A little background about the couple

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are the true definitions of a power couple. Besides being great and established actors, they are a couple that literally gives us goals and who we all ship! They got into a romantic relationship in 2012 and got hitched in 2018. It has been four years since they are giving us absolute couple goals!

Ranveer Singh was born in a Sindhi family in Mumbai and he is the grandchild of the actress Chand Burke. Before becoming an actor, Ranveer worked as an assistant director and a copywriter. As we all know, Deepika is the daughter of the famous badminton player Prakash Padukone, and initially, she played badminton and she took part in national level championships before she became an actress.

Personality Traits for Ranveer Singh and  Deepika Padukone


Personality Traits for Ranveer Singh


Ranveer’s personality is quite mature and logical. He is a cool minded person, and making rash decisions is just not his trait. He is a highly ambitious person, and he takes pride in his work. He always leverages the situation to his best advantage and makes sure to never miss the opportunity. Being self-dependent, brave, free-spirited and adventurous is imbibed in him. Overall, his personality is quite vivid which shows in his dressing sense too! He knows how to appreciate the beauty and is also a big foodie! The renowned actor is quite good sexually as well. Apart from that, he is quite sensitized to his surroundings and never fails to take other people’s feelings into consideration and that shows in his humbleness towards his fans. The only down part in his personality is that he can easily lose his temper sometimes!

Personality Traits for Deepika Padukone


Deepika is absolutely gorgeous, but the most attractive feature in her is definitely her eyes! This absolutely matches with her sign as well. She is the sweet and well-behaved person whom all of us like and she holds the power to influence people. She can be very successful in the field of politics, business and religion as well, given her pleasant and diplomatic nature. She is quite logical and mature and has a fine taste for arts, travel, music, literature and beauty. Her honesty and peaceful nature balance out the vengeful side of hers. Though it might seem unconventional sometimes, she has a spiritual approach towards her life. She has to be super careful with financial decisions, else she might give in to temptations! Though she is discreet, she can be easily manipulated at times!

Analysis of their Horoscopes

Star Analysis

Ranveer’s nakshatra is Dhanistha and Deepika’s is Swati. The compatibility between them is quite great. Mars is the ruler of Ranveer’s birth star, Rahu being the ruler for Deepika’s. This makes them quite aggressive in nature. Both of them have their unorthodox ways and the key to having a happy married life for them is communication and love for each other.

Compatibility Analysis

According to their Rashis and various other astrological parameters, there is some harmony and similarity in their personality traits. Both are extremely loving, uncustomary and a bit hawkish. Despite having some similarities, they are quite different from each other which leads to them having hurdles of opposite needs leading to challenges and problems in their relationships. They are both strong and opinionated characters, and they often can have a difference in their thought processes, especially in the matter of children. The key to having a healthy relationship between them is communication. Both should aim at being good listeners for each other and spending quality time together. 

How are Ranveer’s Yogas affecting his married life?

Ranveer’s yogas affect his marriage quite desirably. These are as follows: 

Anabha Yoga: This particular yoga makes Ranveer quite caring, courteous, liberal and physically appealing. He has got his moral and ethical values straight, and he never compromises an inch on that. He loves to be tip-top and he pays attention to each detail in his wife’s clothing! This is something that every girl wants in her man and Ranveer is slaying this!

Yava Yoga: This makes sure that he will sleep in a bed of roses and have a golden fortune in his middle age. 

Bandhu Pujya Yoga: This yoga assures fame, respect and honour among his friends and family. 

Satkalatra Yoga: This Yoga adds great value to his life by ensuring a good partner who will fulfil him.

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How are Deepika’s Yogas affecting his married life?

The following yogas plays a vital role in molding Deepika’s married life: 

Gajakesari Yoga: This yoga ensures that success, wealth and opulence will be in abundance in Deepika’s family and help her overcome some shortcomings in her or her spouse’s horoscope. 

Bandhu Pujya Yoga: Just like Ranveer, this yoga assures fame, respect and honour among Deepika’s friends and family as well. 

Satkalatra Yoga: Once again like her husband, this Yoga adds great value to her life by ensuring a good partner who will fulfil her. 

Critically analyzing Deepika and Ranveer’s married life


To be honest, challenges, conflicts and problems are a part of everyone’s marriage and theirs is no exception. They have temperamental issues, possessiveness towards each other and anxiety which can lead to arguments and discourse. The key to having a happy married life for them is indeed love, understanding and communication. Mutual respect and support for each other are what bind them together. 

They should spend more quality time with each other, especially at times when the disputes lead to distance between them. They should sit down and sort out their issues. Looking for some common ground of interest, or performing some fun couple activity can really rejuvenate their relationship. Being passionate about each other will keep them intimate during tough times as well.

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It is quite obvious that the child they have will be adorable. But they will have kids quite late in their marriage and that child might undergo some health issues which might need some long term treatment. Nonetheless, the child will grow up being healthy and fit and they won’t miss any chance in teaching them the moral values of life which is quite important and in future, their child will make them proud of him/her. 


Ranveer and Deepika are a power couple and they are extremely hard working. They will have a regular source of money and they will flourish greatly. But they need to be super careful and learn from their past mistakes and make savings a part of their lifestyle. They might need to deal with pressure situations with a lump sum amount of money which can be cleared only with savings. 

Being such a great couple we always root for them and we see that they are quite great for each other, given that they work on their relationship and make it even better.

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