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Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha for Baby Boy

  • January 06, 2023 | Manav Mathur | 6 mins read

Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha for Baby Boy? Let’s find out. 

It's been a year since Krishna Paksha started and we are here to tell you about this special time in your baby's life. Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha for a baby boy is a special time for your child with so many benefits and side effects, which we will discuss in this blog. We will also discuss how the world will perceive him during the time of Krishna Paksha and what it means for his personality development. 

Now let us start with discussing the benefits of Krishna Paksha on a baby boy  

Family bonding: The family bond is very strong during Krishna Paksha as mothers and fathers spend most of their time with each other and interact more. This creates an opportunity for parents to bond with their children more than ever before. 

Improved Communication: During this period, infants become very expressive while communicating with other people around them. They talk a lot more than usual and express their thoughts clearly through gestures and expressions rather than words only like in other months of the year. This improves communication within the family because everyone can understand what each one of them wants without having to ask them again or repeat themselves over again. 

We all know that a baby boy is born in the month of Shukla Paksha. But what is the meaning of this? How does it affect him and his life? What are the benefits of it and how will the world perceive him? Let’s find out with this blog. 

The Story Behind

According to Hindu Mythology, when Lord Vishnu took birth as a human being, he was born on Earth during Shukla Paksha in the month of Ashwin (June – July). It is said that he was born in a house where everyone had their jobs to do, but no one was happy about it. 

The parents wanted their son to be happy, so they gave him different kinds of work and chores to do. They told him not to waste any time, but rather focus on his work since it will help him become successful later on in life. 

However, this disturbed their son as he always found something wrong with his parents’ advice. He argued with his mother one day which resulted in her getting angry at him and throwing him out of the home. This made him realise that his mother did not love him at all! 

Everything about Krishna and Shukla Paksha

The start of a new year is a time of reflection, renewal, and celebration. In Hindu astrology, the Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha is said to be the best time for your baby boy's birth. This period is believed to give you the best chance at having a son, and it will have many positive effects on your life. 

With the arrival of Krishna Paksha, it is time to think about the little one in your life. The arrival of a new baby is a very exciting time for all parents, but it also means that there will be a lot of changes in the lives of both you and your child. 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when your child is born is that he or she will have to learn how to regulate his or her body temperature and energy needs to stay warm and comfortable. This is called thermoregulation and it's a skill that takes time to develop. 

When Krishna Paksha arrives, this can be difficult for babies because they may not be able to regulate their body temperatures as well as they should due to low levels of sunlight during the winter months. This means that their bodies are unable to warm up properly so they may become chilled easily which can lead to serious health problems if not addressed quickly enough by parents or doctors who specialise in newborn care and care for infants with developmental issues such as birth defects or disabilities." 

Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha for Baby Boy?

As a new mom, you are probably going to have many questions about your baby's development. However, one of the most important things to know is what is happening with your baby's moon phase during the Krishna paksha or Shukla paksha. The effects it will have on his life, how he perceives the world, and how his personality will change. 

The moon phase can have an impact on your baby's life in many ways. It can affect his personality, his problems, and how he will perceive the world. How the world will perceive him. The benefits of it.

Side Effects

The side effects of this new phase are not very clear yet. However, some experts say that it can cause physical changes in your child such as increased thirst and appetite which could lead to overeating or under-eating due to lack of control over eating habits; weak muscles caused by lack of exercise; tiredness or tiredness at night due to less sleep; mood swings due to emotional changes in a person's thought process; ear infections due to hearing problems caused by excess wax build-up inside ears; dry skin due to less oil production in glands which makes it harder for skin cells. 

Positive Effects

This paksha has a very positive effect on the personality of a baby boy. During this time, he will be very alert, focused, and intelligent. He will be able to concentrate on studying more than at other times of the year. He will also have better memory retention and will be able to retain information for longer periods. During this paksha, there is a good chance that he may have problems with his concentration levels due to fatigue caused by lack of sleep at night. However, if he continues taking naps during the day and gets enough sleep at night he should not have any problems with his concentration levels during this period. 

The effects of Krishna Paksha can be seen in their personalities and how they perceive things around them. They tend to have an optimistic outlook on life which sometimes leads them into making decisions without considering all possible outcomes beforehand or weighing up all possible options before deciding on something important like choosing a career path. 

Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha Effects on Baby Boy

Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha is the fourth of the lunar months in the Hindu calendar. It is considered a bad period for all people and especially for babies. The effects it will have on his life include; 

- He will be insecure and wary of others 

-He will be more irritable and angrier 

-His mind will be filled with negative thoughts and he will not be able to concentrate on anything 

-He will suffer from insomnia and lethargy 

Baby boys are born during the Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha. These two months are very favourable for the baby boy, as they bring him a lot of happiness and joy. The baby boy will start sensing his parents’ love and care during this time, which is why these months are very beneficial for them. They will also have a better chance of getting a good education, as their parents will provide them with all sorts of facilities that help them achieve their dreams. 


There is a lot of positive energy around during this time for the child, which means that he can achieve great things in life. He will also have an easier time adjusting to new situations since it will be easier for him to adapt to new people and places.