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Lal Kitab Remedies For Removing Obstacles

  • December 01, 2022 | Manav Mathur | 2 mins read

Looking for Lal Kitab remedies for removing obstacles? Let's find out below.

When one hears the term Lal Kitab, there might be multiple questions that go on in their mind, like what is Lal Kitab? Why is this book named so? What is the content of this book, and finally, what is the relevance of this book? Well, there are many secrets to this book that can help you overcome many obstacles in your daily life. In simpler words, it is a book that has a lot of remedies, which can help you to fight the negativity and mostly, overcome all the obstacles in your life. 

Now, obstacles can be of various types. You can face multiple problems in your life. It might be related to your personal life, your relationship or even your health. The Lal Kitaab has a remedy for everything. 

How can it help you to find remedies to overcome the obstacles?

Now, the Lal Kitab is simply not one book that you can read in one day and find solutions to all your problems. It is a set of five books that is inspired from vedic astrology and palmistry. Basically, it connects the cord between these two different streams of astrology. It is written in Urdu and is also believed to have Persian origins. Nobody knows who the original writer of this book is. However, we owe it to Pandit Roop Chand Joshi, who worked strenuously to translate this book and make it accessible to the common people. 

The book is as strange as it sounds. It is mystic and is written in verses, which are a symbolism of a true poet. This book might come off as an ordinary one in the first go, but it is anything but a simple and regular book. This book has the answer to each and every problem that an individual might face in their lifetime. In this blog, we have discussed the remedies to overcome any hurdles, through the solutions of the Lal Kitab. Keep on reading till the end to understand everything. 

Remedies in Lal Kitab. 

Now, there are several remedies given in the Lal Kitab, for several problems. We will discuss a few important remedies. 

Lal Kitab Remedies for removing obstacles in General

  1. It is considered auspicious to look at your palm first thing in the morning as the palm is the center of various spiritual energy and healing.
  2. It is believed that Lord Hanuman is the ultimate savior, and praying to him everyday can bring good luck and drive away the negative forces.
  3. Offering sweetened water to Surya Dev is considered auspicious.
  4. Chanting the Gayatri mantra 31 times is believed to bring forth success and fortune.
  5. Take 4 cloves and four slices of the same lemon. Dip each clove in one slice and dry them, after which you can carry them everyday. This is one of the main remedies to remove the obstacles.

Remedies for wealth

  1. On every Wednesday, lower an empty pitcher into a water body. This has to be done for six consecutive Wednesdays to attain results.
  2. Donate your old stuff to the needy ones. This brings good luck.
  3. Throw copper coins into the flowing river for 400 consecutive days.
  4. Feeding the cows is also considered to be effective.

Remedies to get a good job

  1. Milk and clean water has to be offered to Lord Shiva on every Monday.
  2. Fast every Sunday, and pray to Lord Shani.
  3. Feed birds with Shapta Dhaniya.
  4. Feed cows with bananas every Thursday.

This was all about Lal Kitab. Hope it was helpful. Feel free to contact our expert online astrologers here.