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Mantra for Wearing Pukhraj

  • January 04, 2023 | Manav Mathur | 3 mins read

Are you looking for the right Mantra for Wearing Pukhraj? Let’s find out. 

The words ‘Pukhraj’ mean ‘union’ and ‘annihilation’. This mantra helps to destroy all the negative thoughts in your mind and makes you peaceful. It also helps to get rid of all the negative energies that are coming from outside. These are the reasons why we use this mantra.  

The mantra:

It is said that Om Streem Brahm Brihaspataye Namah." Is the mantra. It has to be repeated 108 times and it must be worn while chanting it the last time. 

The effects and benefits of Mantra for Wearing Pukhraj

We can use this mantra while doing our daily tasks or while going to sleep at night. It is also used as a protection against black magic spells and evil spirits which has been cast on us by others around us or even by ourselves without realising it at the first time due to our ignorance about the powers hidden behind these evil spells cast by others around us. 

The evil eye imparted by the others can be negated by this mantra. It is very much capable of doing things quite extraordinary. While wearing the yellow sapphire this mantra can strengthen your mental strength. The first time itself due to our knowledge we shall be able to perceive the changes. This can be warded off by this mantra. 

Benefits of Pukhraj

Pukhraj is a very important aspect of Vedic astrology. It is worn by many people. It is said that wearing pukhraj will give you the following benefits: 

-Helps you to achieve prosperity 

-Gives you strength and courage to face difficulties in life 

-Helps you to get rid of bad habits like anger and hatred 

-Protects you from all kinds of accidents, like car accidents and falls 

-Wearing Pukhraj is a great way to get a little bit of extra protection against the negative energy of the universe. It helps you focus on what's going well in your life, and helps you appreciate the good things that happen to you. 

Right Way to Chant Mantra for Wearing Pukhraj

It's not just a catchy little phrase; it's true! When you say it out loud, you'll notice that it feels as if there's a bubble of happiness surrounding you—a bubble that can't be burst by anything except for your thoughts. 

And this is because whatever thoughts you have about yourself or the world around you will create more of those bubbles for themselves and keep going until they've created an infinite number of them all around us! Pukhraj is the Hindu or Sikh counterpart of black magic. It is a type of mantra that is used to ward off evil spirits and demons, who are often responsible for causing misfortune and negative circumstances in one's life. 

The subconscious mind, which cannot reason, will be affected by these evil spirits through Pukhraj. These spirits cause worry, fear, and anxiety in an individual's mind. A mantra helps one to remove these negative forces from their mind by chanting it with full concentration and focus. 

When one chants this mantra regularly, they will begin to experience mental peace and calmness as a result of their efforts rather than something external being responsible for their happiness or unhappiness. This type of mantra can be used in almost any situation where one feels anxious about something happening in their life or around them.  


There are many different versions of this particular mantra that can be used for different purposes depending on what benefits one may want from chanting them aloud or silently while sitting alone at night when no other people are around them who might be able to hear them chanting this particular type of mantra outside their own home where no one else would know what they were saying unless they were also practicing Pukhraj.