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Om Jayanti Mangala Kali Mantra Meaning in English

  • September 08, 2022 | We-Astro | 4 mins read

If you are looking for Om Jayanti Mangala Kali Mantra Meaning in English, this article is for you. In this article, we shall explore the world of this powerful mantra which is known to bring luck and victory to the chanter.  

The Mantra 

This particular mantra is known to have great effects on a marital life as well. The way of mantra is strong discipline and concentration. This can eventually give you mind-blowing results. The power of primal goddess Kali shall flow through you and we shall find out how.  

The History  

Goddess Kali is known to be the primal goddess of destruction. She has been worshipped in ancient times. She is the goddess of all tantras and is known to be the reservoir of eternal power. As we all know the misconception that connects mother Kali to destruction. Yes, it is in her power to destruct but she is kind towards good and destructs only the bad. The balance is her middle name. As we all know that she is extremely powerful with the power of time ( Kal- Time: Kali – the queen of time), and she also has a motherly side to her. She protects her devotees who are kind-hearted and chant her name every day. She is known to be a generous goddess with endless love and kindness towards the ones who give her proper respect. Thus this mantra right here can make it happen.  Let us see how it can change the lives of you and your loved ones. 

Om Jayanti Mangala kali Mantra Meaning in English

"'Om Jayanti Mangala Kali Bhadrakali Kapalini 

Durga Khama Shiva Dhatri Svaha Svadha 


As you can see the vibrating syllables are strong and bold with no hesitation in them. This is without a doubt a very strong mantra indeed. Let us see what it means – 

Chant the name of Jayanti ( one who wins always and is victorious), Mangala ( who bestows purity and austerity), Kali ( one who controls time and is older than time itself), bhadrakali ( the goddess of death and destruction), kapalini ( goddess with a garland of heads of demons around her neck),  

Chant the name of Durga (The primal mother goddess), Shiva (auspicious primal God), Dhatri (one who supports the living and the non-living), Swaha (one who receives the prayers)) and Svadha (Who is the receiver of ritual sacrifice); we Chant thee. 

When to Chant this Mantra?

This particular mantra is to be changed according to the chanter’s wish. Though it can be changed in the early morning, Kali mantras are the most effective during the night. This mantra will be more effective at the night. Chant it 108 times a day and see the difference. 

Significance of Om Jayanti Mangala Kali Mantra

There is a profound significance in this particular mantra and it is incredibly important to understand them. We must understand that Goddess Kali is one of the most misunderstood goddesses in the history of Hindu mythology. It is extremely important to understand that it is not only destruction and fear but her kindness and love and gentleness towards us that make her powerful. Goddess Kali is the opposite of how she’s been presented throughout history. She protects her devotees and whoever chants this mantra comes under her divine protection. Goddess Kali creates and nourishes the lives of those who respect and worship her. She is a perfect balance. She is neither good nor evil but she’s a force of balance which balances out the evil forces. This mantra leads to a good chanting regime for the chanter. It brings balance and power to life.  

Benefits of the Mantra 

There are many benefits of this mantra- 

  • When a person chants this mantra they are submitting themselves to the will of ma Kali. This makes the goddess happy and she vows to protect the chanter.
  • She brings down the malefic of Shani. She protects from every negative force that tries to harm the chanter. She also enhances their spiritual energy.
  • She can cut through doshas that corrupt the charts of humans. This is something only she can do. By chanting her mantra you can have her power within you.
  • Kali represents duality like light and dark, good and evil, day and night, the beautiful and the fierce. All of these qualities bring balance to one’s life. She imparts that balance in a person’s life.
  • Recitation of this mantra can bring down any kind of black magic done against you. It can cure you of difficult diseases. It can get you out of debt and make you prosperous.
  • This mantra brings one out of trauma with the power of the goddess.
  • This mantra is the most powerful mantra that can turn the tides of your life. Things going around will go in the right direction, and you will be able to manifest the best life you have been dreaming about. You must put all the prejudices behind you and surrender yourself to the self of goddess Kali.

All in all this mantra can bring wonders to your lives. You shall find yourself attaining greatness under the watchful eyes of the primal mother. To know in-depth about Om Jayanti Mangala Kali Mantra Meaning, feel free to consult an astrologer near you with we-astro.