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Compatibility between Taurus and Aquarius

  • June 23, 2022 | We-Astro | 4 mins read

How is compatibility between Taurus and Aquarius

These two are very different. They are like opposites. They are so different that they barely ever get attracted to each other. There are a lot of things in play here. Let us find out-

How sexually compatible are Taurus and Aquarius?

These two are not alike. Taurus is caring and tender while Aquarius is very distant. They will have a lot of impediments on the way. Taurus will love to be cared for and taken care of while Aquarius will literally be a freak on the bed because for them bedroom is where you unleash your freaky side. There would have been a fair chance for the couple if they had thought of each other’s perspective before doing anything rash but it is hardly the case. They are opposites of each other. They are by every means opposite to each other. This is extremely evident in bed. Aquarius wants freedom in the bedroom while Taurus wants soft mellow pillow talk after their intimate time.

What about their trust?

To be honest, it is not going to be a good one. Taurus are very critical about their trust. They want to trust someone completely only if someone trusts them completely. Aquarius on the other hand can never understand their point of view because they are very free and couldn’t care less about anyone’s secrets no matter how close that person is with them. Aquarius people are also very critical about everything someone else does. In other words, not good in the trust department either. trusting each other is not their forte at all. Taurus is a hyper-critical and overthinking individual about each and every activity of their partner while Aquarius, with their open mind yet complex at times questions the other’s integrity at every turn.

How good are they at communicating and what about intellect?

Imagine earth and an air sign together. That is what it is. As an air sign, Aquarius are very good dreamers while Taurus is very down-to-earth and realistic. Of course, they will clash when it comes to intellect and communication. The narrow-minded Taurus will make the open-minded Aquarius feel bad at every point they think about something new and talk about their ideas. This makes them an utter misfit in the communication department. The difference is so big that it won’t take much time for them to fall out of love. They will be hurt by each other. Their opinions will never match if Aquarius wants to go on a trip to France, and Taurus wants to walk in the nearby park. Aquarius dreams big whole Taurus is homely. It is weird how they can even think about being together. They are simply too different as people.

What about their emotions?

Well, it doesn’t look good either. They never actually fall in love. It is a very rare occurrence that they do fall in love with each other. Venus, the ruling planet of Aquarius is barely seen as a good planet by the Taurus. Aquarius are distant partners who need a lot of space in their lives. They do not need to feel like bring together all the time with their partner. Taurus is different from that. They want attention, affection and love from their partner all the time. That is why they are not emotionally compatible either. The emotions are too drastically different from each other. It is painful to see them through countless quarrels and some untold angst. It is as if they are always in a state ready to fight each other.

What about their values? 

They are miles apart in that area. Their values are too different. Aquarius are free spirits with a lot of things going on their mind. They’d rather die than be bound to someone forever. It is completely different for the Taurus people. They do not care. They do not care at the least. They just want to be by that one person forever. That is why they do not even match up in a value. They are just not meant to be. While Aquarius wants to have an open-minded mature kind of life, Taurus is in every way incredibly childish in their relationships.

What about their shared activities?

They do not share activities at all. Taurus just wants to stay in while Aquarius wants to roam around and experience new things. They are not similar at all. While Aquarius will love to travel and will not settle for less, Taurus will remain at home together with their partners. For them, the small things matter and nothing else. This will frustrate Aquarius to their bones and they might be in a bad mood all the time. Taurus just want to be together with Aquarius all the time but unfortunately, it is absolute nought for Aquarius. They want some space which makes it even more difficult. 

An overall estimation

They are a strange pair and if they are going to last or not is also very much up to Them. One is ruled by Venus the other Uranus, it is rare for them to pair. They will face a lot of impediments. They will have to work hard for their relationship to work. Here is the thing. They will be strange and electronic in their way. They are both outcasts. They live their lives pretty differently. It is unlikely for them to get together. If they do get together, they will have to work a lot to make it work. They will have to go out of their comfort zone and understand each other’s opinions with an unbiased attitude.