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Vastu for Shop Facing East

  • December 28, 2022 | Manav Mathur | 3 mins read

In this article, we will discuss vastu for shop facing east, some common problems, and how these can be solved with some simple changes in your shop design. 

What is Vastu? 

Vastu is a system of architecture that originated in India and has been used for thousands of years to build homes, offices, and shops.

Vastu Shastra has been around for more than 5000 years and it is one of the most ancient Vedic sciences of India. It was written by Sage Agastya Muni, who lived during the time of Lord Ramachandra and Mahabharata, who are considered the two greatest Hindu epics. Science deals with the principles of architecture, design, and placement of buildings and other structures to create positive energy flow throughout them, which can bring about positive results for all those who use them. 

The ancient texts describe many different types of buildings, but one thing they all have in common is that they are built facing east: facing toward sunrise, sunrise, sunset, or west when possible. This is because these locations are considered auspicious in India—facing west would mean facing death while facing east means life! 

The advantages and disadvantages of east facing property 

The reason why you should be building your new business or home facing east is simple: it brings wealth into your life! It's a fact that those who own businesses located on Main Street tend to make more money than those who don't! So if you're looking for ways to become wealthy or just want to feel good about Vastu Shastra is a system of architecture that uses the principles of nature and architectural science to create buildings that bring prosperity and happiness to their inhabitants. It is also said that if you face your shop facing east, it will be more prosperous.  

However, there are several problems along with it, which we will discuss in this article. Let's start with the advantages: 

Advantages of Vastu for shop facing east 

The shop facing east is considered to be a lucky place. It is believed that it brings wealth and abundance to your life. It gives you good health, good wealth, a good reputation, and long life. But if you want to make your business successful then you should not put your shop facing east as there are many negative effects associated with it.  

You will get lots of customers but they won't stay for a long time because their minds will start thinking about their homes and families which will not allow them to stay longer with you. Also, there is no customer satisfaction guarantee if you have a shop facing east as the customers will not take care of your products properly. And they will leave without taking anything from your shop or accepting anything from you if there are any issues in their minds about the quality or quantity of products supplied by you. 

If you have a shop facing east, then you will be able to attract customers who come from all over India. You can sell more products since people from far away can see what you have in stock. You will get more business because people will come to visit your store instead of going somewhere else for shopping or buy items online! 

Problems of Vastu for shop facing east 

Now let's talk about all the problems associated with having your shop facing east: People can't find your store easily due to limited visibility due to low sunlight during daytime hours. It would be difficult for you to advertise your products since no one would know about them unless they walk directly into them! The problems of Bad luck and bad energy are also prevalent. 

The problems can be solved by: 

Changing the direction of the door from west to east, making sure there is no obstacle, and that it leads straight to the back entrance. This will change the energy from bad luck and bad energy to good energy in your shop. You can also place a mirror at the back door so that when you open it, you will see yourself opening it. This will help you realise that you are in control of your destiny, which is what we all want right? 


So, these were some insights about the vastu for shop facing east. If you have any questions, feel free to consult our astrologers.