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Compatibility between Virgo and Aquarius

  • November 17, 2021 | We-Astro | 4 mins read

What is the compatibility between Virgo and Aquarius?

These two are an odd match. Aquarius and Virgo are really different. They can have a unique relationship or they can have the most devastating couple in the room. They have different aspects of themselves. Let us find out about their compatibility-

What is their sexual compatibility?

They are in no way compatible sexually. They are just not meant to be together on the bed. They are really different. Aquarius is a free spirit and an exceptional advocate of spontaneity. On the other hand, Virgo is overly critical about everything. They are just the most critical people in the room. When they are on a bed, they want closeness and perfection while Aquarius can go overboard and extremely roughy. Both are intellectual people in their way but their intellect just doesn’t match at all. Virgo overthinks everything which is not cool at all. Things like overthinking are just not the thing for the Aquarius people. They are just not made for it. It turns them off big time. So, it can be said in terms of sexual attraction towards each other they do not have it. They do not get attracted to each other very often either. They are both extremely short on patience and that is just not the right kind of scenario as they want totally different things altogether. Thus, it is just not for them to be on good terms if it is a sexual relationship.

What about their trust?

They may connect in the initial phase of their relationship. Though they will have mutual trust in each other, this is just not going to last. They have their boundaries and they will be grown tired of each other. They will fall out of trust in each other as well. To keep their mutual trust, they will have to work it and work for it really well. There’s like a fifty-fifty chance of trust issues in this relationship.

Trust is something they are really not so sure of themselves. That is why they wear their hearts upon their sleeves. Virgo is too critical and Aquarius are too closed off in their shells to have a proper relationship with anyone.

What about their communication and intellect?

Virgo is ruled by mercury. Thus, it is quite adaptable to certain things. This is a plus point for Aquarius. They are really into people who go with their wishes. They do have a good relationship with mercury in general as well. Though it is a good point on communication, they can also have a lot of problems. Things like details mean a lot of things to the Virgo. They really love the details and they want them perfect. Thus, when Aquarius do not go with their way of small detailing, Virgo gets irritated. Communication seems to keep on becoming more and more complex and things might go down. They also have a very unique individual intellect which just Doesn’t go with one another. The thing is they need to take each other seriously to make this communication between them work.

What about their emotions?

Their emotions don’t match. They don’t match at all. They are just really different in terms of emotions. In terms of emotions, they are just not compatible. Virgo people are more attached more grounded and they want the same with their pruned. Aquarius on the other hand will die before they sacrifice their freedom. They are just really opposite of each other when it comes to emotions. They don’t feel the way Virgo feels at all. This is why they are emotionally not very compatible. Emotions are very important to Virgo. Though they may act like they want everything nothing less than perfect, it is the same for the emotions part. Aquarius are not very emotional and they are kind of detached in their lifestyle. That is why they are not really up for it when it comes to the Virgo.

What about their values?

They have very different values themselves. They are just not the same that is all. They are different and they nurture and respect different opinions. If they work it and compromise a thing or two they can actually nurture each other’s intellectual growth but unfortunately the chances are near zero. Virgo chooses the reality of the watery situation while Aquarius will choose the most exalted imaginary part of it.

What about their shared activities?

Both of them admire the art but in very different ways. They like to share intellectual thoughts with each other and are really good when they do that. Though they may like the conversations, Virgo loves everything predictable while Aquarius love everything out there full of freedom. Thus, their choices of art can also differ a lot. They are like totally different


Well, chances are really small that these two will get together. Virgo is an earth sign and Aquarius is an air sign. They are not the ideal match. They will contradict each other a lot which is not healthy and might end up inflicting emotional damage on one another. They need a lot of things to work on if they want to get this relationship to work. They are really in a tough spot all the time. It can turn into something bad without even understanding it. It is better to get in consults before you get in a relationship.