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Compatibility between Virgo and Aries

  • November 27, 2021 | We-Astro | 4 mins read

What is the compatibility between Virgo and Aries?

One fire sign and one earth sign. Well, there are many things to consider. Let us see how they will perform when they get together in a relationship. There are aspects unseen that should be considered thoroughly.

How is the sexual compatibility between Virgo and Aries?

It’s not going to work in bed between them. Aries and Virgo are like opposites on their bed. They are extremely different when it comes to their mindsets about sex. Aries are extremely sexual in nature. They want to do things sexually. Get things as sensually as possible. They want to run wild with their partner. They will want to do things beyond anybody’s understanding. They want to be extremely entwined with their partners all the time. On the other hand, Virgo is not exactly so hasty when it comes to sex. They want to be intimate when it comes to sex instead of being intense. Virgo wants a stable relationship with compromises and sacrifices which will legit look like sexual abstaining to Aries. After all, they did not sign up for this. This will put both of them off their mood and it is bad enough to ruin their days. It can also cause an emotional outburst from both of them as they cannot fathom each other and want to break free. Aries are messy and quite impulsive; they want everything even their sexual drives. On the other hand, a tad bit prudish Virgo has this perfect picture of a couple, they cannot break free of that at all. They can never work out sexually with each other.

How much trust will they have in each other?

Both of them are honest signs. They are extremely straightforward and will say what they need to say to each other at all times. As they are at nought in sexual compatibility, they are very strong in the trust department. It can be said that trust is their forte. They will talk about various things and solve misunderstandings and will have no problems in doing so. Aries are masters of expressing their feelings without any filter and Virgo values that quality a lot. Thus, it can be said that they are pretty compatible in their trust department. They can actually work it out.

How are the communication and intellect in their relationship?

When it comes to communication, it is tricky. As a fire sign, Aries is free of any inhibition and does not like any kind of danger to their freedom. Virgo is just that. They are annoying to each other when it comes to communication and even more annoying to the spectators around them. Aries will try to get their way every time with a hook or by crook. They do not reason, they do not want to reason. They are built like that. They are extremely impulsive and will do things unfathomable to normal to get what they want. They are very stubborn and unbending. On the other hand, we have Virgo. They are not exactly very good when they are not listened to. They hate it more than anything. They want their partner to listen to them which is practically an impossible task for Aries. They are like an animal, caged inside. They literally gallop. The organised Virgo cannot tolerate that energy. Thus the communication will be poor, to say the least. Intellectually on the other hand., they have a chance of getting out the best in each other. They will be each other’s intellectual guide and they will guide each other to reach the max level of their intelligence.

How is the emotion between them?

Their emotions work very differently. They are not accustomed to each other’s emotional spectrum. On one hand, Aries are so full of themselves, that they might actually see their sexual attraction as their emotions towards each other. On the other hand, Virgo always suppresses their real emotions, putting up a superficial and perhaps the perfect emotional font for their good. This sabotages a relationship more than anything. They can make things worse between themselves by using too much of their emotions on each other. They are extremely different when it comes to emotions. Aries is impulsive, to say the least, and Virgo is passive-aggressive, to say the least.

What about their values?

Well, when it’s about their values, it is almost like a fifty-fifty chance that they will succeed. They both respect honesty and love and are advocates of justice. They will work together to make this world a better place. They also differ in values when it comes to relationships. Aries are extremely impulsive and will go with their emotions and think that it is the right thing to do in a relationship but Virgo always uses reasoning when there is a tricky impasse in a relationship.

What are their shared activities?

They will go places together. Both of them love to travel, thus they will travel together. More than that, they will do productive things together like running, working out, talking things out and getting their work done. The only problem is that Virgo does get scared from time to time but Aries are fearless about doing anything.


There is potential irrespective of their differences. They can potentially make it work. They will just have to go through a few things and compromises are to be done by both the parties. If not, it will be a toxic relationship, to say the least.