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Compatibility between Virgo and Pisces

  • November 27, 2021 | We-Astro | 4 mins read

What is the compatibility between Virgo and Pisces?

A relationship between a Pisces and a Virgo can turn out to be really good since they do connect well with each other. But their perfectionist nature does more harm than good because they start expecting a lot from each other and they somewhat can stand up to that, provided they act wisely. There are a lot of other factors involved as well, which we have analysed in this blog. So, make sure to read it till the end. 

How sexually compatible are Virgo and Pisces?

Both the signs are very much attracted to each other and the alignment of their planets is somewhat in sync, which further enhances their chances. They can lead a pretty good sex life, provided they work for it.

Virgos are extremely shy and they always try to portray their emotion by being quiet, if that makes sense. A Pisces on the other hand is scared of developing an intimate physical connection because of their insecurities. Both of these scenarios will be understood by their partner and they will try to set them free from their insecurities. Gradually both of them will give in, leading to amazing and healthy sex life. 

Both of them are quite passionate, but their sex life will always be tainted with compassion. They believe in going tender with their partner, to make them feel safe and this is just beautiful. The way they understand each other and act on it is truly amazing.

What about their trust?

Virgos are very insecure and a Pisces just can’t help with that, provided their unrealistic expectations. Both these signs lack confidence and in order for them to have a happy relationship, they need to be super honest with each other. Though both these signs are very much attracted by lies, they find it the better option. To an extent, some privacy might even ignite the passion in their relationship, but eventually, they might get frustrated. This can be easily solved if they sit down and talk it out.

How good are they at communicating and what about intellect? 

Pisces and Virgo are very similar to each other, even when they strike off to be different. They never run out of topics to talk about and both of them hold their interest the same. They don’t ever face any problem switching between topics and the flow of conversation between them is always pretty smooth. 

Virgo’s are way too perfectionists and their Pisces partner can really teach them to live free and not always stay in the shadow of fear and failures. A Pisces and really inspire a Virgo to stay relaxed and stop their panicking. The battles that a Virgo has to fight are quite complex for anyone to understand but that will not make their Pisces partner take a step back from helping them out. But they might find it a bit irritating at times.

A Virgo will help Pisces to be rational with their thoughts and they will somewhat balance each other out. But, their constant criticism might hurt their sensitive Pisces partner. Though in the long run, it will only prove to be beneficial. 

They might have some problems at times due to their different approaches, but often they can sort it out. But if they don’t, things might take an ugly turn.

What about their emotions?

For Virgos, Pisces are the best match when it comes to emotions. They understand their emotional sides like no other sign and they see their authentic self, without any filter. Pisces are quite emotional as well and a Virgo will always see through them and detect their true feelings. The only problem arises when they start expecting way too much in their relationship.

The level of perfectionism in a Virgo is way too high and the same applies to a Pisces, to an extent. When they start expecting so much, they do get hurt and this only makes the situation even worse. Both of them will have to work on their emotions and figure out a way to match them to their emotional levels in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

What about their values?

Their values do match up to a certain extent. They value perfectionism, the only difference being that for a Virgo it is the mindset and for a Pisces, it is the emotions that reign within one’s heart. They can either be very happy or be extremely annoyed. They might feel the need to change their partners and this in no way is healthy. They need to accept themselves the way they are and only then will their values come to a meeting point, chances of which are pretty good. 

What about their shared activities?

Initially, Virgos will find the kinks of their Pisces partner really weird, but gradually they will understand the true beauty of this and follow their lead. Once they set their foot in the world of a Pisces, there is no coming back and this leads to a series of exciting events and they end up having the best time together. 

 An overall estimation  

In order for them to be together, both of them will have to compromise on their part and understand that nothing can be perfect in life. In many cases, a couple between a Pisces and a Virgo might not last long, but if they do, they need to put in the effort to be together. The love between them is indeed quite strong, but they need to be wise enough to understand it.