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Compatibility between Virgo and Taurus

  • January 05, 2022 | We-Astro | 4 mins read

What is the compatibility between Virgo and Taurus?

The match between a Taurus and Virgo can be very interesting since they are different, but quite similar in some ways. A Taurus will always try to make their Virgo partner realize how much they love them and Virgos in turn can understand their point. However, there are a lot of dimensions to their relationship and we have tried to analyze those in this blog so make sure to read it till the end. 

How sexually compatible are Virgo and Taurus?

The sexual relationship between this pair is magical. It is really so wholesome mostly because a Virgo is initially very shy and conscious about their body and their Taurus partner always boosts their confidence and makes them realize that they are beautiful. The thing with Tauruses is that they are very peaceful and calm people and the way that they soothe their partner down is really touching and they can really ground their Virgo partner. A Virgo on the other hand would be scared of what this path might lead down to, but gradually they will realize how great their Taurus partner is and this pair will totally hit it off. 

The only problem could arise when a Virgo brings their way to perfectionist self out and criticizes their Taurus partner and points out the flaws in them. This might break the confidence of a Taurus partner and things might start going downhill from then. 

Both these signs have a connection with Venus which is very different, but that somehow bonds them together. Chances are that they will lead a healthy sex life but it will take time for them to adjust to some things. 

How Is Trust Between Virgo and Taurus? 

The problem with their trust stems from the trust issues that a Virgo has. They are really doubtful of everything and they just can’t trust anyone with an open heart. They might do the same with their Taurus partner who might feel very hurt to see that their Virgo partners are so doubtful of everything. This might lead them to think that their Virgo partners are not right and they might be dishonest themselves in the first place. 

How Is Communication and Intellect Between Virgo and Taurus?  

Virgos are quite intellectual and Taurus can really take inspiration from them to develop a more practical sense of this world. Tauruses can sometimes be really uptight and they just don’t talk but a Virgo can really leverage the situation to their advantage and give a good piece of advice to their Taurus partner which might leave an impact.

Both these signs belong to the element of earth which makes them really stubborn at times and this leads them to be non-cooperative they just don’t try to understand each other’s perspectives and that only makes things worse. But, they will still manage to have a conversation due to their mixed traits of intellect and tenderness and that will lead them to develop a strong bond. 

How Are the Emotions Between Virgo and Taurus?

A Taurus is very patient and this works in their favour because a Virgo doesn’t accept their feelings initially. They always run from it. They need to give time to each other and only then will they be able to develop this relationship based on trust and tenderness. 

If both of them don't have too much emotional baggage then it won’t be hard for them to open up and talk about their emotions. But if they don’t work on it, they might have a very weak base and no trust between them which leads them to be unhappy about this relationship. 

What Are the Values Between Virgo and Taurus?

Both of them value completely different signs and that’s okay until a Virgo is disrespectful about their Taurus partner. But they do have some similar values like stability, security and comfort and they might even bond over that. 

How do Virgo and Taurus Shared Activities?

This can be a really weak field for them since a Taurus is quite lazy and their favourite activity includes staying in bed all day, eating good food and that’s it! This might really turn off the Virgos who like to go out and the only time they can manage a Taurus to step out is when they are tempted to have good food in a fancy restaurant!

A Virgo might get really intimidated by these activities of a Taurus and they need to find something that they both can enjoy. Cooking together can be a good activity that they both might be interested in. 


Generally, Tauruses really go a long way in teaching their Virgo partner about love, sensuality and intimacy. A Virgo needs to be very open-minded and flexible when it comes to that. Their relationship could be really good, only if they work for it and deal with their insecurities, especially in the case of a Virgo. They need to have an open mind and a clear heart and things could really work for good.