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What is Healing and how do the Spells help to rejuvenate your aura

  • September 15, 2022 | We-Astro | 3 mins read

What is Healing and how do the Spells help to rejuvenate your aura?

Every individual in this world has some baggage and healing needed to lead a smooth life. Now, the question is, what is healing? Healing is believed to be an age-old procedure which promotes the well-being of a person. It usually removes the negative energy and brings in a flow of positive energy. 

There are many spells and mantras that help in healing. Spells in general are of various kinds, and love spells are the most commonly used spells that help to mend a broken heart of an individual who is going through a bad breakup or a broken relationship. This love spells also help in finding love and happiness. 

Healing and spells are an integral part of astrology, and it is very much different from magic. These spells are designed as per the cosmic energy of the universe and customized as per the person’s needs. This helps an individual to seek divine guidance from the universe and to deflect all the negative energy that is surrounding them. 

In this article, we will learn about different healing forms and spells that might help an individual in the pathway of their life. Read till the end to understand everything. 

First, let’s talk about healing. 

Relationship Healing:

This form of healing is to mend the problematic relationship between two people. Mostly, these relationships are romantic and the people involved are facing problems in communicating their feelings and emotions to their partners. This form of healing is usually aimed toward the Heart and Sacral chakras. This form of healing also helps an individual to move on from a broken relationship. 

Angel and Seven Chakras Healing:

This is the most popular form of healing, which is believed to be called the seven angels aim at the seven chakras of the body, namely, Crown chakra, Third eye chakra, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar plexus chakra, Sacral chakra, and Root chakra. This form of healing is very beneficial for people who are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, mood swings, and low self-esteem which might affect other areas of their life, including their relationships, health and career. This form of healing calms and soothes the individual. 

Medical Healing:

Medical healing is something that comes into force when there is apparently nothing wrong with your health, but you feel exhausted and drained all the time. If you feel there is something wrong with your body, this can help. This is deep-rooted if one has some mental and emotional issues that are seemingly unresolved. 

Now, let us talk about the spells. 

Love Spell and Love Honey Spell:

Both these spells are related to romantic relationships. The purpose of these two spells is very different, but their focus is on the same thing, and that is the love life of an individual. The Love Spell is for people who are single and are trying to find love. This spell helps them to attract love and all the positive vibes that are needed in a relationship. The Love Honey Spell, on the other hand, is for couples who are having some problems in their relationship and are looking for some divine guidance to show them the way. 

Protection and Blessing Spell:

Sometimes, a situation might arise when one can feel the presence of negative energy around them and that can be a huge hindrance in their life. To remove this negative energy from their life, the protection and blessing spell can help. This spell removes any hindrance from an individual’s way and bestows them with positivity. 

  1. Cord Cutting Spell:

The cord is like a string that connects two people. When you are in close proximity to someone, you sort of developing a cord with them, which connects you two together. There is an influx of energy between these two connected people, and when one of the people has a negative aura and energy surrounding them, it might affect the connected person. Cord Cutting is such a spell that works in this situation, where it cuts the cord between these two people, thus stopping the influx of negative energy. 

So, this was all about spells and healing. Remember, astrology is not magic and it helps an individual to overcome certain situations in their life. Healing and spells are two such areas of psychology that solely work on energy that surrounds the individual and the universe's energy. These methods are ancient and have been proven effective, and they might help you if you are distressed. 


Image credit to Freepik