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What Puja Has to Be Done to Get Pregnant?

  • November 23, 2022 | Manav Mathur | 2 mins read

Are you looking for What Puja Has to Be Done to Get Pregnant? We have the answers. Read more below.

They say, a marriage crosses the ultimate milestone, when there is a child to signify it. Having a child is the dream of every married couple. No matter how hard it seems, a child always completes a couple and brings happiness in their lives.

A child is like the ray of sunshine that brings joy to the entire family. There have been many instances when a child has fixed an almost broken marriage. Because when one sees the smile of the little one, everything seems to be beautiful again. 

But nowadays, there are many problems in men and  women, which restrict them from giving birth naturally. Due to unhealthy lifestyle, improper diet and too much workload, there are multiple health problems and the issue of infertility is nothing new.

Conceiving and giving birth is not a simple process anymore. Nowadays, we get to see many couples visiting the doctor’s clinic multiple times, just to sort out this issue. 

However, according to astrology, there is one puja that amplifies the chances of conceiving, if done properly. Yes, you read it right. If you do this puja properly, your chances of conceiving increases a lot. Keep reading till the end to understand everything. 

What Puja Has to Be Done to Get Pregnant?

Shasti Puja is such a puja that can help a married woman to get pregnant. This puja has proven to be effective, and many couples have benefited from this puja. It is believed that if you follow all the vidhis, and do this puja with faith and dedication in your heart, there is nothing that can stop you from being parents. It is all about how much faith you have, and how much you are willing to do for your family. 

This Puja is to worship Lord Subrahmanya, who is considered to be the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is considered to bring good luck to the couple, and grant them wishes that are deep rooted in their heart. This puja has to be performed on the day of Shasti, which is the sixth day of Krishnapaksha which would fall six days from the poornima day. 

This Puja is considered to be extremely powerful and effective for the married couples and there are a few vidhis that one has to follow. Now, we will discuss that. 

What are the Vidhis in the Shasti Puja?

There are many Vidhis in Shashti Puja. Let’s get right into those. 

  1. One has to fast for an entire day during the Shasti Puja.
  2. The Puja has to be started with worshiping Lord Ganesha. He is believed to be the epitome of good luck and new beginnings, and in case of a couple who’s trying to get pregnant, performing Ganesh Puja is mandatory.
  3. Offer panchamrit to Lord Subrahmanya. The panchamrit is a mixture of ghee, honey, curd and sugar, which has to be offered to Lord Subrahmanya during this puja.
  4. An arathi session has to be conducted, with proper mantras.
  5. Offer other prasadam to Lord Subrahmanya, and end the vidhis by distributing this prasadam.

If you have any questions related to the puja Vidhi to get pregnant, feel free to ask our experts here.