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25 Oct, 2021
Make sure that when you are being diplomatic, you should not go over the top to the extent where you bury all your concerns about the person you are dealing with – be blunter with them and put them on notice.
With Mars conjunct your ruler, you are lucky when you take action and make a new start.
Your 6th house ruler in your 4th house brings out your ritualistic side and you feel secure when you adhere to your routines and superstitions.
Aquarians are not keen on the type of exercise which is highly repetitive and mentally unchallenging – you are better off taking a long walk or cycle that persisting with the gym.
Guilt can hamper love relations today. That guilt can be work related guilt where you feel as if you should rather have your nose to the grind stone than relaxing and enjoying yourself romantically.  Do not be stupid – remember the work life balance.
You are lucky in travel when you are doing something or going somewhere for the first time.