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25 Oct, 2021
Activation of Uranus in your 1st house remind Aries of the expansive and daring plans you have for this year; you need to throw off the shackles of restrictive thinking, and you allow free reign to your imagination as you act on your vision.
Mars influencing your 11th house ruler brings luck when you innovate and introduce new technology.
You are drawn to crowds, big cities and large events for the buzz it gives you.
Aries may spend much time with computers and devices today and so you need to take some breaks from the electro smog and get away from the house or even the city.
Aries are attracted to the unusual or even eccentric in love and can become very impatient with routine and restrictive relationships.  You may sub consciously stir up some controversy in relationships to spur on creative change.
Travel which you arrange and coordinate as part of your work is favored.