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25 Oct, 2021
Today is an excellent time to write cover letters or send out emails to prospective employers or to prepare bids for contracts. It is also a wonderful day to develop strategies to improve employee employer relations at work.  If you are in a union you can have improved relations with management this week, so prepare well.
You are lucky with new money making opportunities.
Your ruler in your 11th house makes you feel like you need to mother and protect your friends.
Cancerians are very disciplined especially when it comes to calorie intake and sugar reduction today.  Avoid sweeteners as they actually increase sugar cravings.
Cancerians are ambitious and today you are wondering if your partner is just too satisfied about where he/she is and does not share your aspirations. Cancer may wonder if a lazy partner has to go – he/she has to shape up to win you over again.
Travel is favored if it is connected to research or investigation.