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25 Oct, 2021
Today is an ideal time to do research or track down information that can be used in presentations and your work in general this week.  You need to be across all the issues, so get a broad feel without getting side tracked in detail.
Scorpio are lucky in making home improvements or getting quotes for work to a property.
This is an excellent time to express yourself in love and both new and older relationships are more fulfilling.
You need to be careful that you do not overtax yourself mentally – know when you are overtired and verging on stress.  Quit early and wind down.
Scorpio are very involved with work right now and are eager to discuss work related matters which means that relationships where you have a partner in a similar line of work run smoothly.  Chatting work gossip can be a uniting factor if you work together.
Mars triggering your 4th house ruler may mean a sudden trip in connection with family.