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25 Oct, 2021
Communication at work needs to be handled very carefully as secrets or long forgotten words or actions may come back to undermine you. Make sure your private life stays private and keep work email or Facebook and twitter separate from your private social media activities.
With Mars activating your 10th house, you are lucky in leadership roles, especially where your role makes you public ally prominent.
Your 3rd house ruler in the first makes you quite rigid emotionally, you like what you know and resist change.
Past bad habits can bite you today, making you realise that you are not going to carry on getting away with it – this be a short sharp shock to inspire breaking of habits or lax health behaviour.
Taurus can be very possessive in relationships; in the positive manifestation this becomes a protective instinct – today it is the protective side that comes to the fore as you work hard to provide your partner with strength and support.
Travel locally to meet a friend is favored.