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Astro Deepika Misra

Vedic, Gemology, Prashna Kundali, Counsellor, Mantras, Spiritualism
English, Hindi, Sanskrit
Pre Book Exp: 6+ years
Online Chat
₹ 10.00 / min
Phone Call
₹ 15.00 / min
Video Call
₹ 20.00 / min
Full Report
₹ 1200.00

  Astrologer Deepika is a well-educated and experienced astrologer. She has been reading and exploring Vedic scripture for a long-time. She is an expert in Vedic, Gemology, and Prashna Kundali. She can prepare and analyse your Kundali and suggest simple and effective remedies. She is a Counsellor and can perform Mantras for your well-being and help you in Spiritualism. She is a good communicator and fluent in Sanskrit, Hindi, and English.

5Out of 5



by Anonymous on 16-May-2021

she has great grip on chanting mantras. Thanks


by Anonymous on 10-May-2021

highly recommended if you are looking to know about what gens are useful for you.


by Anonymous on 10-May-2021

was going through tough time. She really helped me thanks

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