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Get your free online Kundli today with accurate predictions about your future

If you are someone who’s looking for a free Kundli from the best astrologers then you are just at the right platform! With online Kundli, people are generally scared of the accuracy but with us, you can be rest assured that it is 100% correct at We-Astro. This Kundli can give you a fair insight into your future, including your career, love life and other aspects of your life. This Kundli can also be used for match making or making future predictions and other uses for astrological purposes.

This free Kundli is very helpful since it determines all the planetary positions with your signs and helps you determine the connection of your sign with each planet and your relation to it. This starts from your birthday and all your doshas and yogas are analysed as well. And honestly, knowing about your future predictions can be fun as well and we suppose that nobody will mind giving it a try as long as it’s free, right?

What is Janam Kundli?

A Kundli is like an analysis report of your life and it is considered to be one of the major elements of astrology. A Kundli is made with absolute precision after studying each and every planet, moon and the star that is related to your sign. Planetary positions have a huge impact on an individual’s life and that is the primary focus of a Kundli. It determines one’s luck in their career, relationships, friendships, family, physical wealth and mental wellbeing. If you can get a glimpse into your life in future, it will be easier for you to act wisely and make choices accordingly.

There are many elements which are included in one's Kundli. Their moon sign, sun sign, Baksh star and other astrological elements. In simpler words, it is a combination of charts for the astrologers to understand your future better and give you a fair insight of how you should go about it.

Many people still believe that traditional Kundli making process is the best, which indeed is. If you want, our astrologers can do that for you but when it comes to the question, an online Kundli generated by software does not lack intricacy or precision at all. This online Kundli can be put to all sorts of uses that a traditional Kundli does. An online Kundli is much more convenient when we talk about it. Today’s generation barely has got any time to spare and they want it all under one click and this is when an online Kundli comes into the picture. It is just economical, time saving and effortless.

If you are still having second thoughts about accuracy, then just to assure you, at We Astro, we use the best softwares and you can get this Kundli in various languages as well. If you still are up for a physical Kundli, you will get that as well.

How to access your free Online Kundli?

It’s pretty simple. Everything is under your thumb and you can do it from the convenience of your home, of course. You just need to enter your birth date and name and probed us with an email to send the Kundli to. You can also convert it in a PDF if that’s a better option to you.

An online Kundli is simpler to understand and this just helps you to analyse your life better and work harder in the parts you need improvement in. It can simply advise you. Just remember one thing, it can give you an analysis of your future but you are the sole decision maker. If you don’t work hard for it, then no amount of a good planetary position will help you to achieve your goals.

So, get your hands on your free Janam Kundli at We Astro and you might even be surprised to see what the Kundli has to say about your future!

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