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Acharya Madhu Nedumpillil

English, Hindi, Tamil, Malyalam
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  Acharya Madhu has been helping clients with his in-depth knowledge of Vedic astrology. He studied Jyothisha Bhooshanam Course from Kerala Brahmana Sabha in 1996. Madhu held MBA from a reputed university. He has a specialization in Sage Jaimini's Astrology and following the Jaimini Astrology as per World's Greatest Astrologer K.N. Rao's System, which is touted to be the most accurate system for astrological predictions. He is ready to help anyone with astrological queries like career, marriage, education, health, financial status etc.

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by Biswajit Das on 20-Nov-2021

He is a very knowledgeable and down-to-earth person. His prediction is accurate and gave good suggestions. Never waste time and understand your quarry fast. Highly recommended to others.

well organized astrologer

by Anonymous on 18-Aug-2021

I found him a very organised and fast astrologer. Highly recommended

Vedic astrologer

by Anonymous on 16-Aug-2021

excellent Vedic astro . fully recommended

super helpful

by Ajit on 15-Aug-2021

Madhu Ji understood my questions very quickly and helped me a lot. Highly recommended

Well spoken astro

by Anonymous on 13-Aug-2021

He is fluent in talking and explaining. You can get maximum in a limited time

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