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Monthly prediction for the month of December
This is a great time if you are married and the passion has gone out of your relationship, because you can initiate some new activities, particularly entertaining, throwing parties for friends, having guests around or going on date night. So the key for you, if you've been married a long time, is to be more social together, to re-engage with friends and to fill up your weekends with activities which are something to look forward to and which require a lot of energy. This can jump start the relationship into a more romantic phase.
Even if you don't feel that passionate in the marriage, if you can engage together in hobbies about which you both feel excited and enthusiastic this can do wonders for the relationship.
You have to be careful when you date: if your new guy is interested in a fast-moving, fun relationship with a rather a low level of initial commitment that's excellent, but because you can suddenly have a change of heart, don't allow a guy to get too close to you, especially if you feel he/she is vulnerable or at all needy.
While you initially seem very gung ho in love, the next thing you are backtracking and questioning what you really want and whether you are doing the right thing, and this can make you hard to be with because you are so ambiguous about where you stands in the relationship.
This month is beneficial for dealing with people in power, and so you can make a good impression on your boss, and if you do have a proposal to put forward, do it now as you will have the confidence. If you need acceptance or approval from an authority figure to progress in your career or reach a personal goal, this is a time when you can get it.
This month is also ideal for those looking for grants to do research or who want to fulfil careers in academic institutions. This month is one where you can find a sponsor or a mentor who can help you achieve goals, especially to do with further intellectual achievement.
Integrity is core to your success – you can demonstrate a commitment and belief in your ideas which are inspiring. Remember that what one set of people see as inspiring, others see as divisive; by having strong opinions, you are setting out on a difficult but rewarding route.
You have guts and determination this month and are not deterred by doubters or seemingly impossible choices.
On one level, you are craving something new, and in a weird way, you may attract either criticism or opposition to trigger something within you that will lead to change. Negatives fast turn to positives as you are craving an internal change, you need to lose outdated attitudes so that you can evolve and seize opportunities, no longer being held back by regressive complexes.
There is a shift this month from trying to keep control to actually trying to mix things up – yes, you welcome disruptions that can be a catalyst for change, and you welcome dynamic situations where you can use the events to your advantage so you can reposition yourself.
The New Moon period begins on the 23rd of November and lasts until the 6th of December, these are your best and most fertile days for new activities, making strategies and jumping into goals.
This is a good period to apply for loans and grants. You should use this opportunity for tax planning and consolidation of debt. A good period to pool resources and start a business partnership.
This is an excellent to start psychological therapy for addiction or breaking habits.
This is a good month for making big outlays or sunk costs for new business ventures. New business connected to music, agriculture, horticulture or landscaping is favored. This is a great time to invest in art, stocks, currency or crypto currency or gold
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