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Monthly prediction for the month of March
This is not the best time to enter a brand new love relationship, simply because you have very conflicting feelings at the moment. In fact you are in a very emotional state of mind and if you go into a new relationship right now you could attract someone who is excessively needy, and this could lead to a relationship with a lot of emotional control and manipulation.
This is certainly a month when absence makes the heart grow fonder and a period apart from a partner, because you are both working very hard or travelling, can be just what the relationship needs to create a little bit of distance and perspective. This month is one in which issues easily become cloudy and confusing and therefore a little bit of space to regain balance within you own emotions can be important in order to conduct the relationship in a more sensible way. It can be very easy to become emotionally excessive or to blow things out of proportion this month, and that's why you need a little bit of distance.
Validation and confidence must always be sought within and while you will garner support from friends, cheerleaders and those who align with your cause, when push comes to shove you must be able to dig deep and tap into your faith in you and what you stand for. Goals that do not matter on a deep level fall away but those which do matter cling to you and will not let you go even when you want to walk away.
It's very important for Aquarius to use your emotional intelligence in relationships, what is going on at a subtle level is not always obvious and you shouldn't use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. It's important to be non-confrontational and non-aggressive, if in doubt you should stay silent and wait for things to develop, the worst thing you can do now is to try and force situations or encourage communication if you partner is not ready.
It's important for you to go with the flow and take an understanding and patient approach to things in love. In relationships that are going well, this is an excellent time to enjoy the arts, movies and music together, it can be a romantic time, but it should also be a quiet time of reflection rather than a time to engage in very active stressful events. So while it's a romantic time, there should be no pressure for romance as such, romance should develop organically through quiet periods of reflection and togetherness.
During March you have to be very careful with you finances, you should avoid major decisions and you need to be aware of the detail and the hidden clauses in any contract you go into. This is not a time to invest in any equipment, assets or stocks because you cannot be quite sure what you’re getting. If you do buy any products you should ensure that there is a money back guarantee and sufficient guarantees and warranties.
The new moon phase extends from the 21st of March to the 6th of April, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive. This is the action phase, details below:
The waxing phase is not good for home improvements. Property and real estate matters are not favored. Not the best waxing period for large family events, entertaining and celebrations. Renovations and adaptation of the home is not advisable. Not successful for new business involving catering, hospitality and the environment.
This is a suitable time for exams, learning and multitasking. Great for communication projects, IT and website changes and mass media communications. Short trips for business and pleasure are favored. Good for ongoing long distance relationships and dating apps. An excellent waxing period for negotiation and making new contracts.
New artistic ventures and self-expression are less successful. Dating and social activities organized to meet potential partners are not successful. Not favorable for competitive sports and or coaching teams. New business involving children is not advisable. Creativity and invention is more difficult. Not great for launching artistic or entertainment projects to the public. Not favorable for business involving leisure and fun.
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