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Monthly prediction for the month of July
This is a period in marriage where there can often be a battle of wills. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and more often than the other modalities, fixed attract fixed and thus it's highly likely that you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or fellow Aquarian, and because all these fixed signs are also very stubborn, it's very common in your relationships to have power struggles.
However, often your differences can be very creative, so while there are certainly times this month when you could feel very frustrated by your partner's behavior, perhaps you find them very intransigent, possibly they not very tolerant or not very open to your views, breakthroughs can be made. The more resistance you get, the more you are encouraged to review and improve your own thinking, so often intense debate or struggle within a relationship can really help you to redefine what your needs and desires are.
While marriages are quite a tug-of-war, Aquarius are looking for something easy, relaxing and quite consoling in romance. Right now friendship and communication is very important to you, you'll love to exchange ideas with a partner and maybe you're even looking for a little bit of a shoulder to cry on when it comes to relationships.
It's very important that you examine your own sense of self-worth before you enter new relationships. If you are feeling fragile or insecure in anyway, you will encounter the problem of jealousy quite extensively in your relationships. So if you find yourself becoming very possessive or needing to know where our new partner is all the time, this is an indication that you don't have enough confidence to be in this relationship, and jealousy can lead to things spiraling out of control and damaging a potential relationship.
So if you find yourself feeling a little bit jealous, immediately walk away from a new relationship, put it back onto a friendship footing, and explore why these feelings of jealousy are being triggered. Are you still suffering self-doubt because of the failure of a previous relationship, or is there something in this new partner's behavior that is triggering you and reminding you of a past partner who was unfaithful. Try and get to the root of your jealousy, but put the relationship on hold while you do so.
This month there are two important things in making money, public relations and diplomacy. You should focus on excellent client communication and dispute resolution, often dealings with a new client may get off to a difficult start and there can be disagreements, but these are able to be quickly resolved and you can continue to have a very profitable relationship after.
In any career, there are forces at work which are unseen and which are having a great impact on how you can do your job and any success you have. The more you do your research and begin to understand what those forces are, the more you will be able to work with them rather than against them and advance.
You have a lot of energy this month and it's a very important for you to work that off in a practical way, otherwise it can lead to a lot of frustration. So this is a month to get out into your yard or your garden, tidy things up, do repairs around the house and get stuck in and busy with your hands. It's really important to take your mind off things by doing a lot of hands-on and physical work.
The New Moon is on June 28 and extends until July 13, making this period ripe for new initiatives and grabbing opportunities. So plan your New Moon rituals from the 28th of June.
With the New Moon in Cancer, this is a good time to pursue opportunities in relation to family events, home improvement, property and long term investment. Work from home initiatives should be considered. Any ideas regarding growing your own food and self-sufficiency are also favored.
This is a great time to get married or engaged. This is also a good time for marriage counseling.
Negotiations or legal work started now is successful.
This is also a great time for job changes and recruitment drives. New diets and fitness regimes are successful.
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