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Monthly prediction for the month of July
During July long term relationships are to likely improve, because you are more tolerant, more relaxed and have greater awareness as to what is important in your relationship and less likely to jump the gun or get offended.
In marriage, you will benefit from increased thoughtfulness and being more open minded towards each other. You may find it easier to express affection, and your family may be more inclined to give you the love and attention that you deserve during this period.
At the heart of your relationship success this month, is that you become more accepting of yourself and others, which allows you to enjoy a more balanced give and take. Your nature is more generous and forgiving.
If you are dating, you may even be swept off your feet by a very attractive, effervescent guy/gal. He/she may write love poems, send you mystery gifts or drop roses at your door, he/she may work hard to win you over and impress you, however you may not really understand what he/she wants long term. There are many unknowns in new love that are often overlooked as so much is going on.
This is an encouraging month, so expect to receive positive feedback and financial reward, especially when you accomplish your goals and hit targets at work.
There may be daunting obstacles as Mars squares Pluto before it leaves Aries and you could feel up against it, but remain flexible and be crafty and you will prevail.
You are able to successfully utilize and apply your skills in your day-to-day work. If you have felt under-utilized in what you are doing, this is a month where you will feel engaged and energized by the activities you are involved in at work.
This month you can have success in anything to do with broadcasting such as vlogs, radio, podcasts, video conferencing and any form of mass media for both educational or entertainment purposes.
It's certainly not all work and no play as short trips away for pleasure or work, tends to characterize this month.
This month you are a man/woman of the people, you have the common touch and often will pit yourself against authority to defend your associates. While you are optimistic and inclined to be quite smooth, you have a significant level of determination and a sense of purpose that often propels you into some quite unusual or even risky territory.
Whatever your goals in July, you generally have an infectiously enthusiasticoutlook, and can use this time to cultivate opportunity by making yourself more accessible to the world around you. Life tends to affirm rather than deny you, and this is reflected in more supportive connections with others.
The New Moon was on June 28 and extends until July 13, making this period ripe for new initiatives and grabbing opportunities. So plan your New Moon rituals from the 28th of June.
With the New Moon in Cancer, opportunities in relation to family events, home improvement, property, long term investment and work from home initiatives should be considered. Any ideas regarding growing your own food and self-sufficiency are also favored.
New relationships and marriage are in the spotlight and slated for success. Be bold and daring, and go for it when it comes to initiating romance or injecting fun and positivity into your love life. It's a great time to get pregnant.
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