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Monthly prediction for the month of December
Mars your ruling planet is still retrograde, thus you will be affected on a very personal and this is a phase when you are definitely more passive, less assertive and you may even be more withdrawn, more introspective and definitely less likely to want to argue or debate. It is certainly not a good time to get into heated discussions with your partner because you will just get shut down. You are more likely to keep your thoughts to yourself and less likely to want to take impulsive journeys or social trips.
There are lots of opportunities for love this month, particularly within your work or your wider professional circles. It can be a good month to attend conferences, trade fairs or work socials in order to expand your social life around your work and therefore increase romantic opportunities.
During this month, affirmations and positive visualization can be very effective in drawing a potential partner towards you. This month you have a great power to manifest what you most desire and so if you can set yourself goals, particularly around the new moon, which involve ideas on how to meet people or how to approach someone you already know or like and get a conversation going, with a possibility of moving a towards romance, please do it because I think you will be successful.
In terms of your money management, you need to introduce something new into the equation, so don't let things remain as they are and hope they will just work out.
This is not a time to bury your head in the sand or let problems linger, it's the time to find new information or new tools that could help you crack the case in terms of a financial problem.
This is a time to take a steady approach to your finances, you shouldn't try anything or radical or obscure but you should try something that is different to what you have tried before.
This is a great time for networking, particularly in your professional circle, and for possibly reaching out to leaders in your professional sphere who can offer you advice, or who would be willing to work with you in a small respect on a new project.
In many cases, success is closer than you think but there is still a little bit of work to be done in certain areas, so identify what you can perfect and then proceed forward with confidence. Use your practical knowledge, embrace your passion and then orient action around those goals and you will attract opportunities in business towards you.
This is an excellent time for preventative care in terms of health, with Mars retrograde you still have to be slightly careful with your health and should avoid alcohol or anything that might impair decision-making. You should also refrain from any extremely vigorous activity, especially if you aren't used to it. You should steer clear of acidic foods to reduce inflammation. Consume herbs such like turmeric as this can be very helpful to you.
The New Moon on 25 November to the full moon on 7 December is your fertile phase for new activities and action. The New Moon on the 23rd of December marks the start of a new fertile patch for new plans and action.
At the start of the month, activities involving short distance travel, sales, journalism and education are favored. This is a great time for exams and skills training.
This first New Moon period is ideal for hiring staff, delegating and streamlining activities.
Study, mastering languages and doing important writing projects are important activities to engage in.
This is not the best month for any vaguely defined aesthetic or imaginative work, focus on what's real and concrete and rely on facts rather than intuition.
With Mars retrograde, remember to look after your health and be careful about personal security. Do not over stretch yourself physically.
The New Moon on the 23rd is similarly good for travel, learning, selling and communication goals. Jupiter enters Aries signifying the start of an excellent phase of expansion, self-development and prosperity. At this New Moon imaginative and creative goals are favored as are altruistic and spiritual quests.
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