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Monthly prediction for the month of December
You can be rather obsessed with privacy and therefore it's a good time to avoid certain subjects that you know are thorny issues for you, even if your partner wants to talk about these.
If you and your partner have any decisions pending, consider deferring them at the moment because you are more likely to suffer from fears and anxieties, so even though this is quite a confident year over all, during this time period you are rather confused internally and your emotions are quite complicated, so it's often hard for you to commit to a course of action.
Cancer are in a very idealistic frame of mind which can make you more open, more romantic and that can help love to develop quickly as your guard is down.  However, you are not that pragmatic in love, and while in theory love conquers all, in practice the material things do create hurdles and love is not an uninterrupted spiritual experience. So, what I am saying, is that you can become infatuated and you may begin a relationship that has enormous emotional benefit, but which cannot be actively pursued in the short term.  For example, you may begin a friendship online with a person who has no financial means to travel to see you in the short term and you may fall deeply in love with this person, which can present frustration. You may fall for someone who is married or attached and who cannot leave her/ his current partner yet.  So there is love, potentially great love, but frustration and delay.
An excellent month for money making through your own initiatives. This is a busy and highly productive time for fledgling businesses, new ventures and new business lines.
This is the time for you to take a step back, to sure up your plans, to think clearly about your strategy and certainly to exercise patience and do the due diligence.
Right now it's a case of fools rush in, where angels fear to tread, so you don't want to make a fool of yourself by acting with haste in any career move.
Often the problems that happen right now, both in relationships and in the rest of your life, are not overt i.e. you may have a sneaking suspicion that there's something wrong, you are often plagued by a feeling that you've missed something and self-doubt creeps in. This is why this is not a great time for career moves which need a lot of confidence or public events, from engagement parties to work socials, as you simple haven't got your act together and isn't quite a sure of yourself as you could be.
Mars is still retrograde in Gemini which represents your 12th solar house, which is one of the very private areas of your life, so during this phase it's an excellent time for research and for doing work which is somewhat secretive. You should pretend you are a poker player and play your cards close to your chest, as it's very important to be strategic right now and not to reveal too much to your competitors or foes.
The New Moon period begins on the 23rd of November and lasts until the 6th of December, these are your best and most fertile days for new activities, making strategies and jumping into goals.
This is a very good period for romance and dating, new relationships formed can be successful and fulfilling.
This is an excellent phase to reveal creative projects or arrange an artistic endeavor.
This is a good time for sports and competitive activities.
It's a favorable phase to make decisions about your children.
This period is perfect for goals involving education, journalism and learning new skills. Incorporating new IT systems is also favored.
This period is an opportune time for group therapy, dream interpretation or psychoanalysis.
This is not necessarily a good period for long haul travel, international relations and new legal battles. It's not great for publishing or advertising campaigns. Import export businesses may suffer delays.
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