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Monthly prediction for the month of December
If you have any anger issues, these are bound to flare up and it is an ideal time for you to understand how your repressed anger is impairing your love life and your marriage, and come up with more effective ways to manage it. Anger is not always openly expressed as while you feel you need to assert yourself, you will do it in indirect ways.
It's easy to let your relationship get you down and you may take the easy way out by agreeing to things just for a quiet life. Your actions right now are not always constructive, but they can be disruptive. It's almost as if you attempt to open the way for change or discussion, but you don't actually start the discussion.
If you’re in a relationship, you may be feeling bored, even though everything is generally harmonious. You may be taking your relationship for granted? It may be that you and your partner have drifted apart due to daily routines and work pressure? It’s possible that the two of you need a little more quality time together to rekindle your romance and get some honest and straightforward debate going on key issues.
This month you need to think about your relationship goals more seriously. It's important to understand the psychological factors at play in your romantic relationships or your own psychology in approaching relationships. It's the subtle yet reflex reactions that are important drivers in love right now, rather than conscious choices. So, think about how your triggers actually sabotage your relationships by making you over sensitive to things which aren't really that important.
This month you also need to balance conflicting urges, which may pull you in different directions, but steering a clear path ahead for your new relationship means keeping each one in check so that you stay on course without throwing the relationship away, as there is constantly the impetus to walk away and abandon the relationship.
Even though it's feet up, year end, check out of work time, you may actually have more time, motivation, focus and determination to conquer challenges which will come about in 2023. With enough self-discipline, you’ll be able to feel comfortable that your financial situation is robust going into a New Year.
Many of the frustrations you are experiencing now are real, not imagined, and yet you need to deal with them by digging deep and getting in touch with your inner truth in order to improve your perspective. So while this can be a time when you feel a little bit defeated and while there are real-life hurdles, in effect, it's a wonderful time for you to rethink, reorganize, shake up your plans and serge ahead with a better sense of self understanding.
Put yourself at the center of seasonal events and open your door to strangers and friends as you bring people together to experience joy. It's important for Gemini to be socially expansive and to seek out company in a variety of places. Don't be conservative and stay in your usual circles, make new friends and reach out to people in a community spirit.
Embrace unpredictable elements in your world now, as uncertain situations generally end up in your favor. Uncertainty is not to be feared, disruptive and controversial people should not be avoided as they can bring welcome change in your life, even if it is not in a way you expect.
The New Moon period begins on the 23rd of November and lasts until the 6th of December, these are your best and most fertile days for new activities, making strategies and jumping into goals.
This is a very good period for health goals, convalescing and improving your energy with supplements, fresh air and sunlight or gentle exercise. It's also a good time to improve dental health.
This is also a very good phase for dinner parties, entertaining and hosting family or doing events to promote a business from home. Those in catering, tourism and hospitality can do very well and promotions are successful.
This is not necessarily a good period for job interviews or major career changes. Avoid too public speaking or high-profile activities that affect reputation.
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