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Monthly prediction for the month of July
Compromise is the key word in relationships, now while it sounds like a simple concept, it's actually a thorny issue, because when you get down to it, in most relationships, people don't compromise, one of you gives in.
For Gemini , your central goal this month is resisting the temptation to compromise on things that are most important to you, this is why you must know what your red lines are i.e. things like your values and your identity.
If your goal is working towards creating a better marriage, why should you lower your standards to accomplish it? A successful and satisfying marriage is the result of you being the best of yourself and by standing by what's true and right. This means there are issues on which you don't compromise.
The measure of new romance is mutual trust, and if that exists you can experience subtle, yet important, breakthroughs in understanding.
A new love interest may open you up to sides of yourself that you usually deny, with is uncomfortable but also exciting. This can help dissolve your defenses making you susceptible to indiscriminate desires that can prove troubling.
You have an appetite for pleasure now that often knows no bounds and you may also seek superficial satisfaction through indiscriminate flirting, but the benefits are temporary and may actually damage a good relationship that was developing nicely.
There are significant demands in July, and yet you have more than enough power to deal with them, so don't engage reverse gear, keep going.
As long as you can maintain your concentration on what is most important, you can accomplish remarkable tasks this month.
Your confidence in resolving family issues is lower during this time, and you may easily feel disappointed or discouraged, especially if you are fatigued by work. It's challenging expressing yourself to other people in a direct and forthright manner, and you may choose to obfuscate or mislead them, just to avoid arguments.
The moon is waxing between the dates of the 29th of June and the 14th of July, this is your best time to initiate new activities, establish new goals, set important dates and pursue new opportunities.
Activities to do with IT, communication systems and online selling are favored. This is also an excellent time for education, taking exams, learning new skills and spreading knowledge.
This is also good time for journalism, blogs and promoting a website or training course you are running.
This is not a good time to get a new pet.
This is not to best time to recruit new staff or outsource. It's also not the best time to switch job description.
Health and fitness diets may suffer a setback and you may find a recent regime isn't suiting you and you need an adjustment. Don't join a gym or pay for any dietary advice during this waxing phase. Review your health, but don't commit to a brand new health goal now.
Experiences can provide very useful lessons in assisting you to understand your relationship, your business and the effectiveness of coping strategies.
You can achieve a lot now by advancing with a precise goal in mind rather than leaving things too open-ended. Part of this challenge is to slow you down so that you can appreciate what is really going on and make important changes, but keep going forward at the same time.
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