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Monthly prediction for the month of December
Marriages can either be a bubble of enjoyment which helps you escape the hard realities of the world or a sphere of life where you feel disappointed and lonely. In either case, the choice is with you; it is all down to your underlying emotional outlook rather than what is really happening. Right now, illusions feel more real than what is real, and so to change reality you must change your outlook or detach yourself until your mood levels out, and you are more practical in outlook. Often past relationships cast a long shadow, and it can be hard to judge matters right now on their own merits as you keep relating things to the past and almost creating self-fulfilling prophecies.
You need to be careful of being a little self-righteous; you can neglect the feelings of your loved one and also others around you as you are so keen to rush through chores and get things done in order to rush on to the next thing – Rome was not built in a day! You have so much nervous energy, and you are hyperactive, so yes, you can get quite a bit done, but you are neglecting the tender and affectionate moments that can happen when you are more relaxed and not reaching for a phone or looking at a watch, distracted by what is out there and indifferent to what is under your nose. It can be quite an effort for you to just switch off and be content with a cuddle on the sofa and a peaceful meal in with your partner.
Relationships with fixed signs and the earth signs suffer the most challenges for you or should I say that you can be very challenging for them to deal with as you are so unpredictable, highly strung, and lively. Only dynamic relationships and those which allow freedom, total self-expression, and are not judgmental can thrive this month.
The frenzied pace and erratic, changeable nature of this month suit single Leo who are looking to cast the net far and wide and have as many new experiences as possible – but you may get so caught up in the fairground carousel that is your life right now that you end up dizzy and confused and not able to commit to anything meaningful. Opportunities can be lost, and so slow down your pace and be more aware of the subtle things that happen on a romantic level; no one said you have to make any decisions, but you should at least be more cognisant of your options.
A lot of your ongoing projects need more work in terms of creativity and ideas, and while more thought needs to be put into them, you have to be careful how you do it because it's easy to jump the gun especially when other people are throwing in their pennies worth, which is why you need to shut out the opinions of others and focus on your own wisdom and inner strength. It's all about timing, not rushing things and thinking big without being big headed.
In terms of people who may have caused you trouble in the past, they are likely to cause your trouble again and therefore any lessons that you haven't learnt in terms of certain people will undoubtedly cause a problem. So while it's important for you to forgive right now you definitely mustn't forget or at least you should still be very cautious of dealing with people who proved unreliable or untrustworthy in the past. This is not a time to be giving second chances.
The New Moon period begins on the 23rd of November and lasts until the 6th of December, these are your best and most fertile days for new activities, making strategies and jumping into goals.
This is a very good period for financial planning, investing and buying assets. This is also a great time for a big purchase like a car or jewelry.
You may get a bonus or made a big sales target.
This is a good time to invest in yourself or in developing a talent.
This is not a very good phase for taking out loans, borrowing from people or asking for donations.
This is not necessarily a good period for political or group activities.
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