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Monthly prediction for the month of July
Were you in a relationship? Did it end and are you still intimate with your ex? Are you refusing to let go and face facts.
This month you have to cut your losses and make a break from your ex. In some cases, you may already be in a new relationship, and yet your ex is still following you on Instagram or texting you from time to time. Ask yourself if you are really committed to the new relationship and if so, it's time to cast your ex out, you need to move on.
Successful new relationships mean letting go of emotions, anger and pain tied to a past failed relationship. You need to make a concerted and consistent effort to do this. The universe watches what you do, not what you say, and so you must use positive action, like perhaps unfriending an ex on Facebook, to show the universe you are ready to move on or the universe won't send new romantic opportunities.
An investment or savings plan you were excited about may have to be reconsidered. It may be time to cut your losses and divert funds or attention to a different project with more potential.
Someone may try to mislead you and you and so when big money is involved, get information from impartial sources and check for conflict of interest.
There could be a sudden event linked to your job or a project you are working on that casts the future in doubt. Indeed, it is likely to come as a rude shock and will cause some recalibration. In some cases, you may have guessed something was coming down the line, but when it comes you are still a little surprised and even dismayed at the way it happened. Old allegiances are reviewed and some hidden motivations come to light, it will be revealed that not everyone was who or what they seemed.
True friends can offer you valuable advice and assistance, although you should not always listen to it as you have to follow your heart and your gut, and they may be talking from their perspective, which may even be your old perspective, which has now changed.
The moon is waxing between the dates of the 29th of June and the 14th of July, this is your best time to initiate new activities, establish new goals, set important dates and pursue new opportunities.
Activities to do with personal development, health goals and improving your physical strength is favored.
It's a good time to develop your leadership potential and set yourself different goals that involve a great deal of energy and initiative. This may be a good time to get physiotherapy, occupational therapy or osteotherapy as a way to address injuries or improve health or aid convalescence.
This not a good month for a decision on matters to do with property or home renovations.
Do not expand any business to do with catering, the environment or green technology this month.
Big family events and celebrations held in your home are not favored.
Delay major family decisions this month.
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