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Monthly prediction for the month of March
This month Libra can meet new people and make new friends, however often you can develop attachments to new friends very quickly and you may not be entirely sure of their motives or true personality.
This is not a good time to mix friendship and sex, it's also not a good time for you to have sexual relationships with professional colleagues or people you network with.
You tend to be in the mood for enjoying yourself and it's all too easy for you to get carried away in the moment i.e. at conferences, trade fairs or when travelling with colleagues. You need to exhibit a certain amount of self-discipline right now, because if you enter into casual relationships these can actually become a minefield of confused emotions and hurt, particularly for the other person, and it can end up souring good professional relationships.
Frequently Libra wins the day this month by using your instincts, rather than going with the rules, as often merely following the rules ends up in a bad result for the very people you are trying to help. So when you go with your heart and you do what you feel is right, good things happen even if people in authority are not happy about it.
This is an energetic and creative time and you are full of imaginative energy and looking for opportunities to enjoy yourself. You are interested in entertaining and spreading goodwill. The problem is that you are very idealistic and can be blindsided by people with ulterior motives.
This is a great time for Libra to organize activities, you may want to be at the center of organizing activities within your workplace to improve morale and spread Goodwill. On the other hand you may want to take the lead in terms of your social groups, to be the one who sets up events which everyone can look forward to and get excited about.
You are happiest this month when you are promoting harmony and fun, so any activity that you can do that helps generate a feel good factor and helps people to come together in a positive way, to either resolve differences or to celebrate achievements, is fantastic.
With Venus and Jupiter in the solar 7th house, this is an excellent time for marriage, a good time for getting married and also for engagement.
Jupiter helps improve understanding and cooperation in relationships and even if your love life is rocky, this transit can pour oil over troubled waters. This is an ideal period to start marriage counselling or to use mediation to help settle an ongoing dispute. Legal problems can be smoothed over during this phase.
Relationships are important to you, however you may lack compassion by virtue of the fact that you are interested in good times rather than hard work. If your relationship is going well, that's excellent, however you can become impatient with a needy partner who isn't very upbeat or ready to party.
This month you should avoid making too many outgoings to do with the purchases of luxuries for the home. This may not be a good month to shell out on any furniture or home entertainment systems, as they may be disappointing and in your heart it may not even be what you really want.
The new moon phase extends from the 21st of March to the 6th of April, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive. This is the action phase, details below:
The waxing phase is excellent for marriage and improving relationships or committing to a lover. This is good for partnerships, business and personal. Teamwork and cooperation or conflict resolution is successful.
This is a good time for property development, house hunting and buying property. A good time for planning family events and entertaining. Favorable for pensions and savings planning.
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