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Monthly prediction for the month of July
This month there can be some unexpected events when it comes to marriage, there may be the sudden revelation of secrets or revelations of a financial matter which throw a spoke in the wheels, and it may take some time to steady the ship again.
In relationships which have been in a rut, this can be a time when there is a much needed break in the flow, so that you can reinvigorate the relationship with some important discussions.
Thus even if there's a little bit of upheaval and disruption to the harmony of your relationship this month, it should be welcomed as a time to break deadlock, get discussions going again and talk about any frustrations that might have been building.
In romance, spiritual wisdom and understanding is often very important because there may be a powerful emotional bond developing between you, and this may be encouraging you to share secrets, secret fantasies or past traumas. So you may find that a new person, coincidentally, has a lot of things going on in the past which you relate to, and that can be quite exciting and reassuring as you are both able to experience a deep level of sharing.
So while this is a romantic time, you do have to be a little bit cautious of codependency developing, because you may attract partners right now who are confident on the surface, but very needy when you scratch the surface. While a certain amount of intense attention may be extremely welcome at the moment, the relationship may not suit you long term, because Librans are very independent, and while you love to have a partner, you don't always want a partner who is clingy, and you may begin to see signs right now that a new partner is a little bit too clingy and you may want to be cautious of that.
Be careful not to get into disputes with people about money, be very cautious about people that you do business with: what are their motivations, what is their agenda? This can be a time when business partnerships are full of arguments and you may have very different ideas about how to move the business forward, so this can be quite a heated month with lots of discussion. It may also be a month when you have many more arguments with your partner over financial matters.
If you are beginning to feel that your current job or contract is not for you, it may be time to ditch this job and possibly look for new contracts which are more suitable. If you are in employment, you should do well if you have a fair degree of autonomy and you can express your ideas freely, however if you find that your boss is highly authoritarian, and you are not able to grow in your career because there's no way for you to express your ideas, it's time to look for another job.
This can be quite a busy time with lots of family events and parties to go to. Sometimes the demands of family can be quite expensive, and so you'll have to find novel ways of juggling your wider family commitments without becoming overwhelmed financially. There may be a lot of people in your family wanting your advice, your attention or you to attend their events and it's important sometimes to say 'no' or you can become over stretched.
The New Moon is waxing between the dates of the 29th of June and the 14th of July, this is your best time to initiate new activities, establish new goals, set important dates and pursue new opportunities.
Activities to do with networking, political and group activities are successful. This is a good time to attend professional conferences or travel to trade fairs.
It's a great time to be more socially active and to join new groups or organizations to meet new people you relate to.
This is a good time for scientific projects and using new technology.
This is not such a favorable month for new financial negotiations, investing in large assets, buying gold or silver or currency trading.
Be careful in investing or setting up budgets to submit to banks or your boss.
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