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Monthly prediction for the month of July
This month in marriage the themes are connected with duty and responsibility, it's a time for you and your partner to get real, there's no time for illusions and delusions, and it's time to tackle things head on. This is an important time for discussions and better communication.
The problem right now is that you are both rather avoidant, you can both be keen to skirt around the issue and you may be slightly dishonest with each other, simply because some of the issues that come up are very sensitive, and one or both of you may be afraid of criticism.
Tackling problems in relationships this month is very much apart tackling you own fears and insecurities. The more you are unwilling to face aspects of yourself or own up to mistakes, the more you are likely to make excuses or lie to your partner in order to avoid realities. So if you continue to stick your head in the sand and not face facts or acknowledge the circumstances, things will continue to get worse, however truth and honesty is contagious, once it starts pouring out nothing stops it and this creates a cleansing process.
This is quite a good time for romance but you have to keep it light hearted. Right now Pisces are attracted to intelligent, witty and sophisticated fun-loving partners, you are particularly drawn to the air signs, in particular, Gemini right now. You are looking for a new partner who makes you laugh, who introduces you to new people and who helps you to expand your life.
This is an excellent time to strike up a relationship with someone that you have an interest in common with. So if you have an ambition or a burning desire to achieve something, it's great to connect with someone who knows the ropes, who's in the business or with whom you can discuss these particular visions with, because they're important to the other person too. So shared interests and goals are often a uniting factor, as friendship and the ability to exchange jokes and banter are very important in new relationships.
This is the time when you can work hard and see very quick results, the pace in terms of your finances is fast and furious, however although you can make a lot of money it also tends to go very quickly as expenses can be high. So it's very important to know what you're doing, as you will often be called to make important decisions on the spur of the moment. Thus if you know this is coming up ahead of time, please do your research, know your facts, as when you enter July and opportunities present, you don't need a long time to do extra research and you will be able to give it a confident 'yes' or 'no and get on with it.
This is an excellent time for networking, expanding your contacts and drawing more eccentric or knowledgeable people into your realm. Success in career right now is about not being conservative or conventional, it's about being open-minded, embracing new ideas and being willing to accept proposals or reach out to people who are a little bit edgy or maybe a little bit disconcerting, but who may be able to give you much needed inspiration.
During this phase physical closeness is much more important to you, so sexual relations with your husband and just being more tactile with your children and showing your affection and love in a physical way becomes a top priority. It's also a good time to look after yourself physically, this is a time when you should indulge, possibly spend a little bit more money on dietary supplements, special vitamins or even a face cream. You may even want to pamper yourself by buying slightly more indulgent products.
The New Moon is on June 28 and extends until July 13, making this period ripe for new initiatives and grabbing opportunities. So plan your New Moon rituals from the 28th of June.
With the New Moon in Cancer, new relationships and marriage are in the spotlight and slated for success. Be bold and daring, and go for it when it comes to initiating romance or injecting fun and positivity into your love life. It's a great time to get pregnant.
This also bodes well for creative projects and artistic management or production.
This is a good time for communication pursuits, journalism and writing. Sales and traveling to educate or do promotional events is favored. It's a great time for taking exams and learning new skills.
This is also a great time for job changes and recruitment drives. New diets and fitness regimes are successful.
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