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Monthly prediction for the month of December
You and your guy are likely to be ratty with each other, but often this doesn't represent a major problem in a relationship, it can rather represent a little bit of frustration in terms of both of your life directions as maybe things are not proceeding as smoothly as you both would like or in the direction you would like. So if you can you both use this disruptive energy creatively, maybe you can stop what you're doing, reassess and steer your life in a slightly different direction that could possibly be a little bit more fulfilling. So often a lack of personal fulfillment or boredom with your current goals or objectives is at the heart of arguments you were having, so if you're both able to look deeper maybe you can move all the bickering and the pettiness aside and start to focus on some bigger more fundamental changes, which you can put into place next year, that can make life more interesting so that your enthusiasm will return within the marriage.
Friendships may turn into love and then back again, and so as long as you are not investing too much in the relationship, this can provide an interesting interlude.
Communication is vital in relationships and marriage this month, and it is a time when you can get things off your chest in a very productive way. In fact, you should use this opportunity to discuss matters to do with the long-term direction of your relationship; if you do not take the chance now, certain things may fester and lead to mounting irritation.
Avoid being drawn into situations where there are strong undercurrents and where a person attempts to manipulate you via guilt or via tapping into the anger they sense in you – so do not become a vehicle for someone else’s passive aggressive tendencies.
This month, financial independence is key – the more you feel you have an equal or better footing in the relationship regarding money, the more confident and happy you will feel; however, where there is financial inequality and thus the ability of your partner to limit your freedom by holding the purse strings, you may feel very restless and unsatisfied. It may be time to emphasize the non-financial elements which you bring to the relationship as it is not all about pounds and pence; there are many qualities that make a relationship tick and all need to be appreciated.
This month is both disruptive and dynamic in work. You may feel that you have been thrown into the deep end and have to make decisions based on very little information. It can be an exciting time at work as events are fast-paced, and there is much novelty and innovation regarding new systems, new training, new staff and new premises, and while things may be up in the air, it is more interesting.
This is a month where you should rise above petty concerns and in this way lead by example – some problems need to be outgrown rather than solved, and this is what you are realizing. Attitudes are just as important as actions, and in December your positive and tolerant attitudes can turn bad situations into more positive ones.
You can also lend your positive spirit to money concerns, having the guts to make some tough decisions which could turn family financial prospects around in the next 12 months.
The New Moon on 25 November to the full moon on 7 December is your fertile phase for new activities and action. The New Moon on the 23rd of December marks the start of a new fertile patch for new plans and action.
This is a good time to pursue opportunities in relation to family events, home improvement, property and long term investment. Work from home initiatives should be considered. Any ideas regarding growing your own food and self-sufficiency are also favored.
This is a great time to get married or engaged. This is also a good time for marriage counseling.
Negotiations or legal work started now is successful.
Remember to look after your health and be careful about personal security. Do not over stretch yourself physically during this time. This is not the best period for adventure or contact sports.
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