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Monthly prediction for the month of July
Your affectionate nature is enhanced, and you are more likely to make time for massage, foreplay, and for pleasuring each other physically. Love is about what you do for the other, and this month it is all about you making the effort to be thoughtful, putting a loving touch into everyday activities from preparing your partner's favorite meal to running them a fragrant bath. Small acts of kindness have a magnified effect regarding healing the relationships, promoting happiness, and improving the sex.
Your generosity of spirit and sense of humor can bridge most gaps and soothe most problems this month.
You have the ability to go direct to the heart of the matter and address what is really important - at times you can be blunt, and you may not steer clear of asking pertinent questions about personal matters.
Things are moving fast in romance and are really unpredictable, but to be honest that's exactly up your street because Sagittarians love a little bit of excitement, a chase and a sense of adventure in love. However, you have to be a little bit cautious, because you may come across someone who is a little bit cool and slow to show their feelings, and although the relationship initially gets off to a great start with you communicating well and sharing friendship, after a period you will begin to think that he's a little bit cold and the emotional side of the relationship may seem lacking.
So while relationships get off to a good start, they can soon hit a tricky phase and it's during that phase that you'll have to work really hard to develop a greater rapport and understanding, because you might find this person quite closed, quite distant and rather hard to connect with.
This can be a very profitable month where hunches pay off, where you use your intuition and where you can use your superior ability to analyses or understand events to make money. However, it can also be a time when you take unnecessary risks in order to chase losses. So the most important thing this month, is knowing when not to flog a dead horse, you have to understand when something isn't working and quickly move away from it, reduce your potential losses and get out while you still can.
This is a good month for promoting your ideas or your products, because you have a lot of energy, you're eager to talk to many people and you quite enjoy running on short distance trips in order to do promotions or make sales, and you find this highly stimulating and quite exciting.
This is a great time for hosting family events, for travelling short distances to visit family, reconnecting with the important people in your life and having conversations with them.
This could even be a good time to throw a surprise birthday party or to just treat a certain member of your family, who you feel needs a little bit of pampering. It's very important this month to show not only care and compassion, but appreciation to the family members who have possibly supported you emotionally and financially.
The New Moon is waxing between the dates of the 29th of June and the 14th of July, this is your best time to initiate new activities, establish new goals, set important dates and pursue new opportunities.
Activities to do with career advancement, job interviews or presentations are favored. This is a good time to impress your boss or do PR.
This is a good time for PR and being more visible in your career. Relations with superiors are improved. Your ability to win friends and influence people is excellent.
This is also a good period for advertising, promotional efforts and publishing. Long distance travel and international trade is favored. This is a good time to further your education.
This is not such a favorable time for humanitarian or charitable goals.
Retreats and spiritual goals are not generally fulfilling.
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