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Monthly prediction for the month of March
New relationships are exciting and there's a lot of anticipation, emotional tensions however are high, and calm and collected responses are what you need to display to maintain the relationship momentum without drama.
Sagittarius must show both logic and intuition in your approach to love. Your attitude should be to approach romance with pragmatism, but also with wisdom, compassion and understanding.
Your love life is likely to be passionate and romantic and the intense feelings that surge indicate both a strong relationship emerging, and also one that can be prone to anger, jealousy or other emotional explosions.
In your career it's important for you to be compassionate and emotionally aware of how others are doing, even when it's easier and more profitable to be selfish, and ignorant of everyone else's needs i.e. colleagues, associates or clients.
Any insecurity or lack of emotional control can play a big role in how you handle your work environment. You have to be careful of letting old grievances overshadow what can be important developing situations, however you should follow the advice of 'forgiven, not forgotten' as while your experiences in past shouldn't stop you from doing something slightly similar or dealing with the same people, you should never forget the past as leopards don't change their spots.
Finding inner peace and a sense of security, serenity and belonging is important to you, but it may not come from material things or even from other people, it comes deep from within. Neptune activated in your fourth house indicates great satisfaction from connecting with an earthly reality and feel something more uplifting, and discovering where you want to be at a deeper emotional connection.
Sagittarius may find that your partner lacks consistency, empathy, or moral fiber. You could be disappointed when a partner wants to take the easy way out and do something which you feel is a copout.
It's possible that a partner could be subtly manipulative and selfish, using their emotional intelligence to further their own desires. You have to be careful that an evasive partner does not mislead you or make excuses.
It's often really hard for you to get a straight answer from a partner and you may even have to distance yourself from their behavior in case it reflects on you in some way.
Themes of misunderstanding, misdirection and being lead on can manifest in relationships. At the heart of this is covert selfishness.
So, the key this month is that relationships are confusing and the motivates of your partner really aren't clear and so you may need a little emotional distance.
The new moon phase extends from the 21st of March to the 6th of April, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive. This is the action phase, details below:
The waxing phase is good for creative ventures and self-expression. Dating and social activities organized to meet potential partners are successful.
Excellent for competitive sports and also coaching teams. Perfect for activities with children. Creativity and invention is successful. Good for launching artistic or entertainment projects to the public. Favorable for business involving leisure and fun.
New roles at work or recruitment of staff is not favored, nor is traveling to attend a course. This is not a successful time for new diets, innovative health initiatives and anything strict or restrictive in terms of diet. Not a good time to join a gym or begin a new fitness regime. Training staff is not successful.
Not a favorable time to open a business connected to animals, manufacturing or medicine.
The waxing phase isn't ideal for networking, mixing business with pleasure, new platonic friendships or getting advice from friends. You need to be careful of gossip and misinformation. Political and humanitarian affairs are not successful. Attending large scale events is not favored. Not a great time for new social media campaigns.
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