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Monthly prediction for the month of December
Relationships need constant work and input. Relationships should be dynamic, and yet often they become rigid and you end up walking about on egg shells trying to keep the peace or scared to say this and that. Why preserve a peace that makes you both unhappy, why preserve a peace that is boring, why preserve a peace which lacks passion and intimacy?
One warning in relationships is that you can fuel each other’s obsessions, and that can be dangerous if it involves money. In some cases, you and your partner can get caught in a wasteful cycle where you throw caution to the wind in favor of instant gratification – frustration in love can be taken out on the cheque book as you look for solutions to emotional problems in the material world.
You have a taste for the exotic in love, and if on the dating scene, those who offer you an insight into a different culture or philosophy will inspire. Conversation and some challenging new views are a turn on for you, and you enjoy someone who can ride off with you into a sunset with a new vision or a different take on life. New romances often feel pre-ordained as if you were meant to connect for some spiritual or karmic purpose beyond just companionship and sex.
What happens in love and romance this month has greater significance and intensity than usual and can stir up some powerful emotions both good and bad. Emotions tend to rush to the surface, some heavy, some passionate, and yet none easy to ignore. While the relationships which start now may not last, they can be triggers for a revolution in your life and a deeper connection with yourself. Even stable relationships cut deeper and demand changes and evolvement from you, perhaps more so than your partner.
You can be very clever with money and other resources, you are good at juggling things about and getting quite a lot out of very little. You are good at edging out of things and can be inventive with the excuses. You can turn things about very quickly creating a positive out of a negative. You have to take everything as it comes as you have to power to influence the outcome, so although some events may come as unpleasant surprises you can end up with a good outcome. Stay on your toes be ready to act on the spur of the moment.
Sagittarians have vision, and you can see beyond immediate hurdles to what could and should be possible. This vision can keep you generating ideas and looking forward when others may be prepared to settle for second best and give up on the ultimate solution. So while you may not have the practicalities sorted, you are projecting positive thoughts into the future which can boomerang back as sudden inspiration for solutions.
If you have felt that you have a lot on your plate, this may be a time of balancing when you assess how much you are doing for yourself and for others, and you begins to pull back and re focus on core activities that reinforce your own development. This could make you a little bit selfish, so encourage loved ones to stand on their own two feet and take responsibility for their own needs at this time.
The New Moon period begins on the 23rd of November and lasts until the 6th of December, these are your best and most fertile days for new activities, making strategies and jumping into goals.
Positive areas of life for you to initiate new activities are leadership and public speaking. This is an excellent time for job interviews, applying for promotion, putting forward proposals to your superiors etc.
This is not an opportune time for new home improvement projects, property deals or renovations. You should not try this host family events or entertain at home.
Public events, PR and self-promotion are favored. Be visible in your career and take action.
New business in catering, hospitality or tourism industries is not favored.
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