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Monthly prediction for the month of July
Events will draw your attention to what is essential, and these issues tend to become more pressing forcing you to drop activities not pivotal to these central themes or goals.
You and your partner may encounter exceptionally forceful people, perhaps your parents, who may increase conflict between you even though on the surface they are trying to support and encourage you in some way.
It's down to you guys to recognize what really matters amidst an array of chaos or conflicting expectations, this can make your choices very clear even if it creates a sacrifice immediately in order to gain.
In your love life, if you're single, you may find that the guy you have your heart set on may have many other admirers, and you may have to compete for his affection. Try not to be OTT, play it cool, be a mystery and not to be carried away by your desire levels, and become too forceful.
It's important to remember this month that excessive emotion or enthusiasm can actually discourage a potential partner instead of helping you reel him in. Basically play hard to get!
If already in a relationship, there may be a need for a cooling off period or some space just to create a little of that 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' magic.
In new love be careful if partying or drinking as what initially starts off as playful banter or a joke can turn into fierce and damaging arguments that get blown out of proportion.
Your ability to interact effectively in your industry with other professionals is tested. You have networks, but do you use them or are they just there for some reason you have never really thought about? Scorpio can enhance your business earning potential dramatically by reaching out and increasing your visibility among your colleagues in the wider industry. You can reach out socially and also professionally - perhaps you can be the initiator of some joint enterprise where there is a pooling of talents and ideas with the goal of combatting threats to your industry together and also speaking with a combined, more powerful voice to lobby government.
Events may bring issues to a head during this month, and you may find yourself stretched to the absolute maximum, but this can actually be quite exhilarating, even though the potential exists for some imbalance as events often overtake you or begin to veer off course. Your ability to control yourself, others or the flow of communication in your business is vital and you have to ensure that your IT systems are robust and any instructions are clear.
Whatever adjustments or improvements you make within family and home life during this month are usually are for the better, even if you have to say goodbye to certain activities or family friends that were at one time indispensable. It's all about eliminating what is no longer useful for the plans you have for the future, or the current circumstances in your family. It's all about realism not sentimentality or diplomacy either. Functionality, pragmatism and true understanding must lead the way as you make decisions.
Moods of family members change quickly and routines get disrupted as emotions run high. Anyone who challenges the people and things that are near and dear to you better be careful as you are not taking prisoners.
The New Moon is waxing between the dates of the 29th of June and the 14th of July, this is your best time to initiate new activities, establish new goals, set important dates and pursue new opportunities.
Activities to do with career advancement, job interviews or presentations are favored. This is a good time to impress your boss or do PR.
It's a great time to be more socially active and to join new groups or organizations to meet new people you relate to.
This is a good time for scientific projects and using new technology.
This is not such a favorable time for sports competition, new physically demanding goals and image changes.
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