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Monthly prediction for the month of December
Subtle changes within you can have quite dramatic effects on your marriage and partnership. Self-respect becomes quite an issue and you suddenly wonder why you have accepted certain modes of behavior from your partner; that gear shift within can make you seen many everyday situations in a different light and you will put your foot down.
There is a sense of responsibility in relationships, and both you and your partner will put emotions and even sexual needs aside to deal with practical matters. It may not be the most spontaneous time in love, but it is consistent and pleasantly predictable with less drama and volatility, and you can make decisions and get stuff done.
Commitment tends to solidify, and you are both willing to work at problems and start enjoying the simple pleasures without putting too much pressure on each other to have all the bells and whistles all the time.
Romance is successful when your partner makes you feel unique and special. If you are compared to others or are set up against some random measure that your partner has come up with you can be very angry and disheartened.
This is not a time of financial quick fixes; you have to keep plugging away, work hard at saving, and turn money over many times before you fork out. You can also not spend your way out of trouble or into success; it is a matter of effort and the ability to dig in that will bring reward. Cautious business decisions pay off, and investment in assets or new equipment is worthwhile, but you must do your research and be highly skeptical regarding the quality versus value you are getting.
While positive thinking is great, and we should always do it because it works not only for universal energy reasons but also due to totally logical reasons, it is not always effective as the planets may cast shadows some months which cool off its effects. However, this month you can redouble your positive thinking and up the ante with affirmations for healing, forgiveness, and attainment.
An eye for an eye is NOT the mentality this month. Scorpio must do everything possible to calm tensions and take the temperature of any situation down. Forgive and walk away, never retaliate.
Family relationships are improved, but you have to let go and move away from certain issues which cannot be resolved yet. Your ability to live with what is not ideal or what does not make you happy and make the best of it is tested. They always say that we are masters of our destiny and that we must take control and make the most of it as life is short – however, in the short run, we are often stuck and limited regarding scope, and only in the long run can we really have control and take our life in the direction we want. So, this month tests your ability to remain positive in circumstances which you cannot change right now. It is also time to look at things which you are not prepared to forgo; often change means letting go of certain things that make you secure, and if you won’t let go, things won’t change. So weigh up change versus security.
The New Moon period begins on the 23rd of November and lasts until the 6th of December, these are your best and most fertile days for new activities, making strategies and jumping into goals.
Positive areas of life for you to initiate new activities are group pursuits and your friendship circle. Networking events and attending trade fairs can supercharge your motivation. Collaborating and brain storming with fellow professionals is successful.
A great time to join new clubs and associations to improve business, have fun and meet new partners. This is a good time to embrace brand new opportunities involving your wider professional community. Political and other activities involving large groups is favored. This is a good time to lobby government or get more involved in local politics.
This is not an opportune time for new romantic encounters or joining dating apps.
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