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Monthly prediction for the month of July
This is a very good time to work with your partner, to brainstorm together and to put your heads together because two heads are better than one. It's important for you both to get a clearer perspective on major decisions by tossing them about, don't feel under pressure to come to a final decision this month, it's more important just to have those discussions, get things on the table and get a clearer idea of what the options are and where you both stand.
This is also a good time to discuss intimate or emotional problems because you are capable of taking a more detached view than usual, and you can both reach some conclusions. Objectively is important, so put the egos on the shelf, but at the same time you should both approach these conversations with courage and confidence. You shouldn't approach problems with trepidation, you need to get into the right mindset where you see this month as a problem-solving exercise, not as a potential disastrous confrontation.
This is an excellent time for stabilizing your relationships, so any recently formed love affair or relationship could now become more predictable and stable, but not necessarily boring. You will both make realistic demands of each other, and there's a fair degree of give and take. This is not a time when there will be power struggles, it's a time where you compromise with each other, you recognize that your loved one is human and therefore you don't place any stringent demands on him or him on you.
This is important time to discuss boundaries, potential problems and your ideas for the future, you should embrace communication about a wide variety of subjects as it's time to move out of the friend zone, and start to discuss things that only couples discuss, so more intimate, tender and potentially sensitive subjects are on the table.
This is a time to be rather conservative, you should protect limited resources. It's a time to ensure and hedge against loss. This can be a very good time for business, however you have to proceed with caution and use tried and tested methods rather than anything too outrageous or risky.
New knowledge you gain right now is often connected to current affairs, society and the wider economy and you can embark on a steep learning curve, which you should really enjoy, as a lot of the information seems particularly relevant and useful to you in your career.
Your deeper needs are often satisfied via intellectual and spiritual conversations and connections with others and the love and relationship sector of life is where you look for some certainty, some down to earth practicality and even some reliable and comforting boredom. You demand freedom in relationships, but you almost enjoy it when a partner is a little possessive and sets down some boundaries - but you will never admit that.
The moon is waxing between the dates of the 29th of June and the 14th of July, this is your best time to initiate new activities, establish new goals, set important dates and pursue new opportunities.
Activities to do with psychological understanding, dream analysis and introspection are favored. This is an excellent time to go on a retreat, enter rehab or have some time alone for a thorough escape and time to unwind. Practices like yoga or chakra alignment are very helpful. Hypnotherapy can be wonderful for tackling fear or addiction/obsessive behavior.
This is a good month for new business ventures involving healing, pharmacy, alternative medicine or herbs. This period is also favorable for charitable ventures and humanitarian goals. You can also be successful if starting a business as a psychic, tarot reader it reiki master.
This not a good month for drawing up new contracts, traveling for selling purposes or short distance business travel. Meetings and conferences may be a waste of time. New educational, journalistic or writing goals are not favored.
Not a good period for a driving test or similar activity.
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