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Monthly prediction for the month of March
Virgo may find that a new partner wants to solidify a relationship very quickly and become very serious. Now the problem here is Virgo prefers to take it rather slowly in relationships in terms of the commitments side, yes you want to enjoy a passionate and meaningful relationship with a new person, and you want to be loyal, but you definitely don't want to commit this year. So being faced with a partner who is putting a lot of pressure on you for definitive answers about the future can be a tricky prospect. You need to strike a balance between reassuring a new partner and letting them know that your feelings are genuine, while also saying to them that you have a lot on your plate and you don't feel in a position to provide guarantees about your own future, never mind a future with someone. So a partner will have to be patient, but you may have to have a difficult discussion to convey this to a partner.
This is possibly not one of the best months of the year to get into a new relationship, particularly a long distance relationship, you simply will not have enough information about a person, and they might be not be forthcoming, they could be outright deceptive or they could be guilty of errors of omission in a new relationship. So while it's highly likely that you could become quite captivated and almost infatuated with someone right now, you need to take those rose colored glasses off and see things for what they are, otherwise you could end up becoming disappointed or hurt.
This month success is often a lonely journey, there may be people who are jealous of your success or threatened by it, and therefore won't support you, or you may be in a new field where the people you used to know are not able to help you, so you have to use your own instincts and you must rely on your innate Virgo versatility.
This is a very good month for working with people and collaborating, particularly on projects of an artistic or performance nature. However, when it comes to matters that pertain to legal, financial or practical matters, then you need to choose who you work with very, very carefully.
This month it's important for you to be straightforward, it's very easy for misunderstandings and communication to make relationships extremely complicated and a little bit upsetting, and that means a lot of care must be taken to communicate in a concise way that doesn't leave anything open to interpretation.
This can be a good month for money, but at the same time they can be some dramatic changes in terms of your priorities or the way in which you make your money.
A change in career, or a change to your financial position could lead to an adjustment phase, but overall all there's a certain amount of luck this month and things are going your way and this can help see you through.
In terms of money, fortune favors the brave and you may have to take a certain amount of risk this month simply because there are a lot of unknowns. However you also have the potential to make money if you act quickly, so your Virgo analytical skills, along with the ability to think quickly can certainly help you to capitalize where others can't.
This month it's important for you to avoid misinformation, timewasters and detractors. You may be running into people who either don't have your best interests in mind or who are looking to potentially cause trouble or sow seeds of doubt in your mind.
You need to quickly assess whether people are doing activities or have information that is worth its salt, and if not you should avoid those people. You must understand that you are judged by the company you keeps and you must avoid people who have a lack of integrity or dubious intentions.
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