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Monthly prediction for the month of December
This month is an excellent time for having a discussions with your partner and reaching big decisions. If you and your partner are in business together, this can be a very fruitful and prosperous month. This is a good time to make a big purchase with your partner, so you may want to treat the family or yourselves with something special for Christmas, like something new for the house etc. So this is a great time for a considered purchase, or it may be a time when you begin to look forward to doing something quite big in the New Year that will affect your future and you may take a decision on that.
While this is a very social time of year and the season to be jolly, it's also a very important time to renew the emotional commitment to the relationship, so that does mean making time for in-depth heart to heart discussions and intimate sharing, so you renew the depth of your bond.
This is a very good time of the year for romance for Virgos, possibly one of the best times of year. You are very social, you should be invited to a variety of events and will be meeting a lot of people. Thus it's good to a dip your toe in the dating game, to go on blind dates or singles parties and expose yourself to a lot of different potential partners or to experiment a little bit.
You're very good at arranging parties, so throw some dinner parties, ask everyone to bring a friend or indeed throw a dinner party singles event in your home as this can be a great way to meet people. The people you meet now, often through relatives (like your cousins) or possibly through friends and work socials, could also provide excellent dating candidates.
This is a great time for organizing and planning when it comes to money matters. Set out your strategy, do your bookkeeping and fill in any forms or compliance you are required to do. This is a very good time to set up a company or a new business where you have to deal with paperwork or file lots of applications etc. You tend to be very methodical right now and it's easy to keep a track of rules, regulations and requirements.
This is an excellent time for honing skills and talents. If you have any talents (which are assets) which you are not particularly using at the moment, it's time to either update those skills or start using those talents. You need to update all your online profiles as how else are potential employees or clients going to fully understand your expertise, your experience and what you have to offer.
This is an excellent time for pooling resources with others, entering into contracts with other businesses and forming close alliances with the idea of making money. If you work in careers like mergers and acquisitions, tax or accounting, this is going to be an exciting time when there's lots of opportunities to progress and to make your mark in those careers.
As Jupiter enters Aries, you are on the cusp of a phase in your life where there will be many powerful and fortunate changes, a lot of these are not obvious now, but there can be some big opportunities for sweeping change just around the corner. So even if it seems that life is rather pedestrian or quiet, soon things which are brewing in the background at the moment will come to the fore, meaning that you will have a lot more scope to make your life richer and more rewarding.
The New Moon period begins on the 23rd of November and lasts until the 6th of December, these are your best and most fertile days for new activities, making strategies and jumping into goals.
This is a very good period for online dating and new relationships formed on social media.
This period is excellent for new IT projects, direct selling and communications initiatives. Journalism, writing, education and skills training is favored.
New negotiations and contract discussions proceed well.
Short distance for business and pleasure is favored.
This period is an opportune time for career goals, job interviews, making presentations and PR.
This is not necessarily a good period for marriage or getting engaged. New business partnerships are not favored, nor are legal wranglings.
Positive areas of life for you to initiate change are in terms of your life purpose, fulfilment, happiness and personal goal setting.
This is an excellent time for all self-improvement from fitness to health to image. A great time for new look, new haircut or wardrobe.
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