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Write For Us on Astrology or Spirituality

We invite you to write a guest post for our website on astrology, Spirituality, horoscope, tarot, or zodiac. As we are a website offering astrology services, your article will be posted on our website if accepted. We are looking for bloggers interested in writing about astrology who love sharing their knowledge with the world.

If you're interested, please email us your draft, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

At We-Astro, we want to create a space where astrology bloggers can feel free to write about their passions without worrying about being copied by other writers or plagiarized by visitors.

We offer astrology bloggers the chance to publish their work on our site and share their unique insights. We also offer various benefits for our writers who regularly publish, such as a high-quality link to their website and great exposure.

Bloggers, if you love writing about astrology, you're in the right place.

Topics we accept (Write for us):

    • Astrology
    • Spirituality
    • Tarot
    • Zodiac
    • Horoscope
    • Gemstones
    • Crystals
    • Law of Attraction
    • Meditation

General rules to write for us in Astrology or Spirituality:

  1. Articles must be of a minimum of 600 words.
  2. No content should be taken from elsewhere and be 100% unique.
  3. Write for us in Astrology, Spirituality, and the topics are given above.
  4. If you are facing any issues with writing about astrology, feel free to take help from our expert online astrologers
  5. We will provide only one link within the post, and we have the right to remove it if it violates our policies.
  6. To write for us in astrology, ensure your article contains authentic and valuable information for the audience who loves reading about astrology, horoscope, zodiac, tarot, Spirituality, gemstones, crystals, and similar topics.
  7. Make sure you add a relevant featured image in your post related to astrology, Spirituality, or any topic you choose.
  8. Share your article in a word file with the image attached
  9. Your article must be thoroughly proofread with premium tools like Grammarly and should not contain any grammatical mistakes.
  10. Once you share your article with us, it will be published within 12 hours on our blog section after an in-depth review from our editors.
  11. Writing for us in astrology would mean you have a good knowledge of topics like horoscopes, zodiac signs, tarot reading, and Spirituality. Therefore, we will only accept articles that are high in quality and in-depth.
  12. Conduct in-depth research on the topic before submitting an astrology article with us.
  13. We will not accept articles containing references to illegal topics.
  14. Articles with the intent of self-promotion will be rejected, so if you are writing for us in astrology or Spirituality, make sure you intend to provide value.
  15. We publish astrology articles for free. However, if you expect a link for SEO benefits, it comes under a sponsored article and will be chargeable.
  16. We will inform you via email when your article is published. Your patience is appreciated.

Reasons to write for us in astrology and Spirituality.

  1. Our website's traffic is full of astrology and spirituality lovers, so your article is bound to get great exposure to your target audience.
  2. If you are an aspiring astrology writer, publishing on We-Astro with an author bio can enhance your portfolio.
  3. You get expert guidance from our astrologers whenever you face writer's block.

Search queries to write for us:

  • "astrology" + "write for us"
  • "spirituality" + "write for us"
  • write for us astrology
  • write for us Spirituality

How to submit your article(Write for us)?

Use the contact form below, or mail the subject line - "Astrology Guest Post / Spirituality Guest Post" to our email ID -

Happy writing!

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